Optical Crime – Whoopi Goldberg

We caught Whoopi Goldberg in the act of an optical crime this week on Good Morning America as she was being interviewed about her latest book – The Sugar Plum Ballerinas. Whoopi’s specific optical crime is the way she wears her eyeglasses balanced on the end of her nose! Watching her on TV do this prompted me to do a photo search and there she is in almost every recent image with her eyeglasses perched on the end of her nose. She isn’t doing this in her older photos.

Someone please let Whoopi know about short corridor progressive lenses or even better free form progressives! .  Actually, what a great example she is for showing presbyopia customers the dos and don’ts of eyewear.  But maybe she had a bad experience with progressive lenses in the past and needs to know about the new technology.  She could look so much better and be a lot more comfortable and may be willing to try it with the right explanation. K-Mars has a good visual for their KM Explorer to show the benefits of free-form lenses and I like the simplicity of it. (See below)

K-Mars Free Form Progressive Illustration

Good lens measuring tools are an absolute must when fitting progressive lenses, including position of wear –  Shamir has an excellent kit ensuring precise measurements. Here it is:

Shamir Lens Panoramter Kit

We would love to hear about your optical crime observations!



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  1. Whoopi has always worn her glasses on the end of her nose. As an optician, it drives me crazy to see anyone wearing their glasses like this!

  2. I know, and why does she do that? Somebody should ask her !