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I was on an Optiboard forum reading ECP’s comments about progressive lenses, generated from the question “Which PAL do you currently use?” I was intrigued by how many different brands were named as ECPs preferences were shown on the forum’s thread. There was  such a variety of preferences, including Hoya, Kodak, Shamir Autograph, Zeiss Gradal and several from Essilor  so I asked my own question “Does it really come down to being very knowledgeable about specific progressive lens brands and understanding that specific design and fit?

Here are a couple of responses  I would like to share with you:

  • In my experience, being knowledgeable about specific brands, designs and fits is key to fitting properly, and its also key to giving the patient the best vision possible with his/her specific rx. How will we know how the lens will perform if we don’t understand it’s design? There are about 591 different progressive lens, and I think it’s wise for opticians to be familiar with or at least be aware of what different progressive designs will do with any given rx.
  • Yes. We don’t have one frame to fit every patient, I don’t think we should expect something different from our lenses? Yes, its more work to study lenses and get beyond the marketing hype, but your patients will truly love if you fit lenses with the same thought and consideration you do frames. Lenses are harder to analyze and learn about though, require a deep knowledge of physics and some willingness to experiment, and most important, the willingness to turn off the marketing hype. But in the end you will have the satisfaction of thousands of happy patients and knowing you are an expert in your field.

But this answer is priceless : Eventually OVS….we learn which lenses work best for plus or minus, and are comfortable visually, and in cost, for our clients. It’s nice to be able to say……..”There’s a lens for that….” I like it because first it made me laugh but the light went on for me as it is the perfect way to explain to a patient that they need a specific lens for their individual needs and the ones with smart phones will get the concept right away and there probably will be a progressive lens smartphone app soon!

Thank you to the participants of Optiboard who answered or commented to my thread, what a great resource.




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