15 Reasons To Be An Eyecare Professional

Sometimes I think we forget why the optical industry is so great. Between the Freemonium culture, insurance programs, overhead and the day to day life, the advantages and the feel good stuff gets lost in our hectic lives.

Optometrists in particular have a rosy future. With aging population, Obamacare and eyewear becoming more than just a medical necessity, the field is wide open for eyecare professionals

  1. The Optical industry is never boring. If you think you got it down.. new HIPPAA laws, new labor laws, new insurance programs will keep you on your toes. Add in some staff drama, a few patients and the debates on Facebook and you will never yawn again .
  2. The Eyewear part.. like fashion it aways changes. New styles 6 times a year, you can be boring and you can be crazy and let it all out. If you are boring by your Frame selection it is time to find something new that excites you.
  3. There is something for every nerd.. in each of us. Technology in medical, technology in eyewear, technology in contact lens and in equipment.
  4. Do Good, I can’t think of any better (except winning lottery) about helping people see.
  5. It’s portable.. meaning you can go anyplace in the world and your skills are needed and wanted .
  6. Good Income potential
  7. Job Security and can get a job anywhere,
  8. Numerous career choices are available to you:part-time, be a business owner, be corporate, be a consultant, be a concierge doctor, work for a pharmaceutical company, research, teach, sports, even google had eye doctors on staff.
  9. Numerous choices are available as to who you are, what is your brand. Low income, luxury, fashion oriented, medical oriented, organic, natural health. You can be crazy or professional or both. You can wear whatever you want. There is a lot of freedom in that.
  10. You can specialize in something you are really interested in. Low Vision, Ortho-K, forensic, VT, smart contact lenses.
  11. You can Re-invent yourself anytime you want with all the choices listed above.
  12. Meet lots of new people.
  13. Change people lives just by giving them a way to see or diagnosis life altering medical conditions.
  14. Opportunity to have flexible work schedules. This is not a 9-5 job. Want to work 3 days a week? Night owl and only want to work evenings? It is available.
  15. Opportunity to meet unique and lots of people. Not just your patients, but other businesses and other medical professionals.

If I missed anything please let us know in the comments below.

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