Tick, Tock: How to Beat the Clock – And Stress!

Image Courtesy: Blogspot

Image Courtesy: Blogspot

By Alida Almonte – ClearVision Optical

Managing your time can be a hard task to accomplish but if done right it can contribute to your productivity, help build the bottom line of your business, and, more importantly, it can reduce stress in your life. In observance of National of Stress Awareness Month (April), following are some time management tips, or simple reminders, that can help in combating everyday stress:

Over Promising Will Lead to Under Delivering

As busy professionals we often forget that there are only so many hours in one day and only so many days in one week; therefore, in order to be efficient you must make realistic promises and set reasonable expectations. When scheduling appointments at your practice, make sure you give yourself enough time to deal with unexpected circumstances such as patient lateness, walk-ins, or patients that require extra care. If you need some time to complete an in office project, I also suggest blocking off time in your calendar so others can’t schedule you during that time.

To-Do Lists

I find to-do lists extremely helpful. I use Excel because it helps me stay organized and I can sort the projects by fields such as deadline date, status, etc. This can be helpful if your practice is organizing a trunk show, as you can outline the different tasks and sort by due date. For example, you will want to promote your event a lot sooner than when you might need your counter cards done, and by listing them in an excel sheet you can determine when you need to start your outreach.

Give Yourself Fake Deadlines

Speaking of deadlines and dates, if you are someone who tends to procrastinate, give yourself fake deadlines to complete the projects. That way, you are always ahead of schedule and you give yourself time to incorporate any changes or any unexpected situations.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

If there is a weekly, or even monthly, initiative you work on that has similar elements create a template that you can use repeatedly. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already spinning?

Keep Your Eye on the Prize: Reward Yourself

Don’t burn yourself out! After you’ve completed a project or event reward yourself with something you enjoy so it can keep your spirits and energy level high. Perhaps you enjoy a nice dinner with friends or family, or going to the gym, or having time to read that book you’ve been dying to delve into. Really, whatever makes you happy!

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