Targeted Online Eyecare Advertising

Let’s face it….unless your name ends with “otica”, you have to watch every advertising dollar very carefully. (My guess is they do too) So, where can you get the biggest bang for your advertising dollar in 2011? Online of course. Unlike radio, or TV, newspapers or magazines, only on the web can you pay for the audience you want.

Search Engines

I’ve written previously about PPC (pay per click) advertising. You pick key words for your local area on search engines either through Google’s Adword program, Microsoft’s AdCenter  for Bing or Yahoo Advertising. You compete with others both nationally and locally for those key words, but can usually get positioned in the top five ads for under a couple of dollars a click. Today when a small newspaper ad or weekly radio schedule can cost well over a thousand dollars, $2-3 a click sounds pretty darn nice.

All three major search engines allow you to control who sees your ad by general location, age range and gender. So, if you were theoretically selling a special sunglass made for retired men, you could target that model to males, over 55, in your local geographic area. Those clicking on your ad would only be those for whom you wanted to market to. You can make any ad land on any page on your website as well. Using our example of those sunglasses, we would want to create a page promoting those sunglasses, giving the feature/benefit statements those for whom it is targeted to would be interested in.

You can log into your account each day and see how many impressions your ad(s) generated or how many times the ad was there to read, how many times your ad was clicked on, and the average cost per click. You can then adjust as needed.


How can any discussion about online these days avoid referring to Facebook? Well, as you have no doubt seen, Facebook has small tile and text ads. Once again, you are competing with other advertisers in a PPC environment. Once again, you control your daily costs.  Just like the search engine ads, you can target by geography, by age, and by gender. You can also target your ads by interest. This is huge. Not to get political here, but let’s say you carry the Kawasaki eyeglasses Sarah Palin wears. You can target your ad to people who have an interest in Sarah Palin. How big is that? Carry something Lady Gaga was spotted wearing? Promote that to Lady Gaga fans. On Facebook, you can target golf sunglasses to golfers, ski goggles to skiers, particular iconic licensed  brand names to people who have clicked an interest in that particular designer and so on.

While we believe there are opportunities in just about any form of media for good advertising, we think that search engines and Facebook should be one of the first mediums in your advertising budget.

Submitted by Dan Feldman, Daniel Feldman, is CEO of dba Communications, a web design and social networking firm specializing in eye care practices. For more information visit the dba Communications website at 303.370.7083

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