Websites We Like- Spectrum Eyewear Gallery

Spectrum Eyewear Gallery is a great eyecare website for alot of reasons and I hope I can detail them all. I would highly recommend if you are looking to change your site not only do you call Dan Feldman, but you take a look at this site.

The SEO Factor (Search Engine)

  • At the top of the page in blue it says eye care, Optometrist Elkhardt Indiana, with at address. Guess what, when you google optometrist, Elkhardt, IN, they are #1 on google page 1.
  • Note in blue at the top of the page, significant key words: Affordable designer glasses, designer frames, designer sunglasses.
  • Just in case someone googles eye Doctor in Ekhardt, In, if you scroll down on right sidebar, there is tis Eye Doctor, Elkhardt Indiana.
  • Home Page, Covers key words again- I have underlined key words
  • Note, Spectrum Eyewear Gallery is the name on the website, but it reads which is 2 keywords

Spectrum Eyewear Gallery has a unique “at home” warmth because Dr. Britzke is your hometown Optometrist (Eye Doctor). Family owned and operated, Dr Britzke & staff has earned the reputation of outstanding personal customer service and eye care . We have the latest affordable fashions in designer eyeglasses and sunglasses to choose from including four frame lines that are exclusive to  our eye care office in Elkhart, IN. We have prescriptions eyeglasses, sunglasses (prescription),  contact lenses for everyone’s style and need, including “hard to fit” contact lenses and specialty contact lenses.

Navigation Factor

  • Address, Hours and Phone number predominately displayed on the site.
  • Map is up, Email is there and love The ReFer A Friend
  • Drop down menu’s at the top are very inclusive covering a wide variety of subjects.

Other items that are great:

  • Check your Order Status- patients don’t have to call, they can just check online at their convenience.
  • Post- Read Testimonials- Fantastic, testimonials are the way to go
  • Make an Appointment
  • Online Exam Registration and Medical History-  for people like myself, I would rather do this than sit in a room filling this out. Plus it save papers
  • Evaluate Your Visit- Get that feedback, how else can you improve and get testimonials.
  • Order Contact Lenses- Excellents

But I love this- because everyone wants a bit of fun, some education and love Trivia. It engages the patients

  • Optical Illusions
  • Optical Movies
  • Test Your EyeQ – I played it for a while and am an eye genius!

I don’t particularly like the black, but so what!  The bottom line, because it is not about me or you for that matter, it is about being found on search (Internet), being easy to navigate, loading fast, having useful information for the consumer, booking appointments on line and having a little fun. The site has all of that.

For the record, Dr. Britzke is on Facebook but doesn’t have a business page, there is no Facebook , Twitter or Linked In listed.


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  1. Not a huge fan of the dark colors but EVERYBODY is different. The built of it is really good and very informative. Gives a lot of credibility. The website is so rich of content that those google spiders had a lot to feed of. No wonder he is #1.