10 Ways To Celebrate Patient Birthdays

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Dr. Seuss

Everybody wants to feel special and appreciated and there is no better day and way to reach out than a Birthday greeting. It is a once a year reminder that you care. The benefits are numerous, patient loyalty, patient engagement and connection and hopefully a way to increase patient visits.

Novelty Birthday Eyeglasses

Novelty Birthday Eyeglasses

Most likely you have the birthdate information in your patient records. Many software programs can produce automated Birthday Emails or generate cards. Aside from that what other ways can you celebrate the one day of the year it is all about them.

  1. Send a personal card that all the staff sign. You can have a bunch printed out with signatures to just pop in the mail. Don’t make them too generic, you want to be able to personalize them.
  2. Send a small gift for milestone birthdays (40,50,60) The gift could be a gift card from a coffee company or a restaurant. It could be a eyeglass wine stopper or eyeglass paperclips. Something simple and useful that will be a reminder of  you.
  3. Birthday emails can be just as good.
  4. Send a Birthday Offer with a coupon or even free lens cleaner.
  5. Make up a bunch of ‘Birthday in a Bag’ Gifts to hand out to birthday patients. The bags can include anything from an eyeglass repair kit, cleaning cloths, eyeglass case, contact lens holder.
  6. Make a personal phone call and wish Happy Birthday.
  7. Send a text message to say Happy Birthday.
  8. Set a day one time a month and have a Birthday Party for all your patients who have a birthday in that month. Let your patients know you have cake or cupcakes just for them.
  9. Set up a Birthday Merchandising section in your office. Put up small little ‘gift items with your Birthday in Bag concept. Add in a few birthday gift certificates.
  10. Use as a loyalty program, the more years (birthdays) they are loyal to you, the more rewards.

Birthday marketing is a great way to reach your patients. It’s appropriate, it personal, it doesn’t have to be spammy and can be fun. Consider making it a part of your monthly marketing program.

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