10 Ways To Market For National French Fry Day July 13

Normally we would not promote a marketing event for junk food like French Fries. We all know many people that won’t order French Fries, but they certainly will be the first to take them off our plates. Like anything, eating FF in moderation is the key, because French Fries are high in Fat, Calories and Cholestral.


That said, what can you do to have a little fun on this day? You can have fun without indulging in Fries.

  1. Hook up with a local restaurant and do a joint promo with Fries and Frames. Give out coupons etc.
  2. Have a Fries and Frames Trunk Show either at the office or the restaurant
  3. Have a Fried Frame Off Sale- Do a special promotion with a discount off of certain frames.
  4. Have staff all wear French Fry Couture (yes, you can buy anything with a French Fry on it)
  5. Have a DIY French Fry Day and take some old frames and have a craft day decorating the eyewear. french-fry-show
  6. Bring a French Fry Food Trunk in for a Fry Cook Off.
  7. Have a Social Media French Fry Trivia Day
  8. Have patients talk about the Best French Fries in your neighborhood or cities.
  9. Have patients share favorite French Fry recipes and or dips
  10. Take a pole: How do you like your French Fries? steak cut String, curly, seasoned or even sweet potatoes.


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