Crazy Events At Southwest Vision Center

If I ever moved to Texas, I would consider going to work at Southwest Vision Center in North Richland Hills, Texas. Why… they seem like a fun, creative group of people, various events to perk up the days, mixed in with professionalism, you can’t go wrong.

That said, I love their postings on Facebook. Their calendar of events for Back To School is great  for kids and gives them an incentive or interesting reason to come to the eye doctor, sets them apart from the competition and makes them a cool place to chill.

SW- BackTo School

Another event they had: Blast From the Past! Blasts from the Past  can be done on a #TBT, #Throwback #Tuesday or #Thursday or #Wayback #Wednesday. You can even consider having a Retro Trunk Show.

SW-Aug 20- Blast From Past Day

Crazy Hair Day, note how they are all #hashtags for Search. I wonder what came in the door?

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day

#Crazy #Hat #Day another fun day, perfect for Kentucky Derby opening day.

SW-Crazy Hat Day

#Crazy #Sock #Day another great event for Back To School.

SW-Crazy Sock Day

Intermixed with the fun events are eye health tips, fun posts and more. They do a nice job and seem like nice people and a type of eye doctor I would go to.


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