Edible EyeCare Events: Sunshine Sunglass Cake Contests

National Sunscreen Protection Day is May 27.  What a great way to spread the word about the danger of UV and sun on body and eye health by having a Sunshine Sunglass cake party contest in celebration of Sunglasses and UV protection. These pics are from Very fun birthday cake From Coolest Birthday Cakes. , I bet you have patients who like to bake and could whip up a sunshine Cake!


This could be a great press release, Facebook Fodder, Twitter News etc.. You have your patients either send pics in or post on your Facebook, even bring the cakes in to the office for a voting (tasting) Winner wins a FREE Eye Exam, Sunglasses etc..

Other ideas:

  • Have a Sunshine Cake Party, bring cakes in, raffle off and donations to go to your local charity.
  • Have a Sunshine Cake Party, vote and donate the cakes to a local group.
  • Join forces with Local Bakery / Restaurant to spread the word and Facebook Fodder
  • Join Forces with local culinary school if you have one..
  • Have a Bake-Off with Chamber of Commerce and other organizations with proceeds to be donated.


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