Eyecare Marketing Calendar 2017

Here is our annual Eyecare Professionals Marketing Calendar for 2017. We have added more fun and health events that can help you in your marketing and social media posts. Our objective is to help provide ECP’s with engaging and shareable posts as well as educational opportunities.

Adopt a Dog Month in October. Frame by Ottica Urbani

Adopt a Dog Month in October. Frame by Ottica Urbani

The calendar includes 1.) Events 2.) Health Holidays 3.) Marketing ideas 3.)  Merchandizing  5.) Opti-Fun posts 6.) Trivia 7.) To Do reminders. 8.) Links for ideas.

Over the years between this blog, our sister site, Optical Vision Resources and our Social Media, we have in some way, shape or form covered an event for every single day of the year!

Hashtags: #Fun#Fridays, #Wacky#Wednesdays, #Sunday#Funday, #Silly #Saturdays, #TriviaTuesdays, #HealthyWednesdays, #eyehealth, #eyeexam.

Merchandising Ideas can be found on 7 of our Pinterest Boards. We broke them down by Eyeball Decor, Recycle, Vintage and by Season. In addition because vintage, retro and antique are so hot, we broke down our Pinterest vintage Eyewear by decades, celebrities and advertising. We also put up some seasonal Pinterest boards, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patricks Day, 4th of July. More information is available here: www.pinterest.com/Optigirls.

As Ever, double check the dates to confirm times.


To Do

  • Prepare For Vision Expo East New York
  • Re-merchandise for Winter. Includes Winter Sports Sunglasses
  • Plan Trunk Shows for year.

Holidays By Day

Jan 1- New Years Day

Jan. 4- National Trivia Day- We have lots of Eye Trivia on our Pinterest Board

Jan 4- World Braille Day

Jan 5- National Bird Day- You Tube Video with Birds and Eyewear  sung to the tune of Rockin Robin.

Jan 10- Save the Eagles Day

Jan 11- National Milk Day and World Milk Day – (Merchandising)

Jan. 13- National Rubber Ducky Day-Fun post Featuring Rubber Ducky Eyewear

Jan. 14- National Dress Up Your Pet Day– You can see Animals in eyewear which we call Fashimals on our Pinterest Board. This could be a great customer engagement on Facebook, Dress up your pets day.

Jan. 15- National Hat Day (eye hats from the 1960’s) and History of Eye Hats

Jan. 16- Appreciate A Dragon Day

Jan 18- RIP in Memory of Herman Snellen and with Eye Chart Decor 

Jan 18- RIP-Martin Luther King Day (Event)

Jan 19- National Popcorn Day

Jan 20- Audrey Hepburn Died– Show iconic Eyewear from Audrey Hepburn. She wears alot of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses in the movies.

National Popcorn Day is in January, National Popcorn Month is October

National Popcorn Day is in January, National Popcorn Month is October

Jan 20- National Penquin Day (Trivia)

Jan 21 National Hugging Day – (Event)

Jan 21 Squirrel  Appreciation Day– could do a piece on on Squirrel Vision or have patients sent in pictures of squirrels in their yards.

Jan 22 National Polka Dot Day (Show eyewear with polka dots)

Jan.23- National Rubarb Pie Day (Recipe)

Jan.24- Beer Can Appreciation Day

Jan 25- National Compliment Day

Jan 27- Chocolate Cake Appreciation Day

Jan 28- National Daisy Day– Features Eyeglasses with Daisies

Jan 28- Fun At Work Day

Jan 28- Chinese New Year

Jan 31- Brandy Alexander Day 

Brandy Eyeglasses by Anglo American on Etsy

Brandy Eyeglasses by Anglo American on Etsy

Jan 31- Inspire Your Heart with Art

There is supposed to be a National Lego Day- can’t find the resources, here is our post on Lego Eyewear  and here


To Do 

Spring Merchandising Ideas More Spring Merchandising Ideas on Pinterest Board- Spring Summer Merchandising

Holidays By Day

Feb 2- Ground Hog Day

Feb 2- World Wetland Day: Ducks Unlimited distributed by McGee gives back to save the Wetlands.

Feb 3-  National Carrot Cake Day (Recipe)

Feb 3-  The Day The Music Died– You can do customer engagement with their favorite music or or singer. (Vintage)

Feb 4- RIP Rosa Parks honors Rosa Parks who refused to sit in the back of the bus.

Feb 4- Thank a Mailman Day

February 9th Is National Pizza Day

February 9th Is National Pizza Day

Feb. 4- International Unicorn Day

Feb 7-  Super BowlCheck the DATE! EyeGating for Super Bowl Parties (Event)

Feb 10- National Umbrella Day in which we did a fun post on the History of Shady Sunglasses and Merchandising using Rain Boots . You can find umbrellas with Eyeglasses online.


Feb 11- Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk Day- Fun post on Milk Eyewear 

Feb 14- Valentines Day


Image Credit: Glittergirls

Feb 15- National Hippo Day

Feb 17- Random Acts of Kindness Day– Preparing for Random Acts of Kindness Day (Event)

Feb 18- Drink Wine Day as opposed to National Wine Day. See: Red Wine and Blueberries for eye Health

Feb 18- World IA Day 

Feb 20- Presidents Day;  See: The History of Presidents Day Eyewear and What’s It Worth- President Lincoln’s   Opera Glasses 

Feb 20- Cherry Pie Day (Cherry Pie Eyewear) versus Engaging Patients With National Cherry Pie Day  which is in July.

Feb 23- National Tennis Day- Feb 23 Play Tennis Day – Event marketing Engaging Patients and Wacky Wednesday 

Feb. 24- National Tortilla Chip Day

Feb 27- National Polar Bear Day. We did a fun post on Polar Bear Eyewear 

Feb 27-  National Strawberry Day (Recipe)

Feb 28- Floral Design Day

Feb 28- Mardi  Gras

Feb 29- Leap Day


To Do

Holidays By Day  

March 1 – Employee Appreciation Day . Also March 7 is designated Employee Appreciation Day. In my mind everyday should be Employee Appreciation Day

Spring Cleaning Month

Spring Cleaning Month

March 1- National Pig Day

March 1- Peanut Butter Lovers Day

March 2 Old Stuff Day; Opportunity to have a big sale or have people come in and donate their old eyeglasses and readers.

March 3- National Sales Person Day:Thank your reps!

March 4- International Shoe Day- Event- A Day Without Shoes A Day without Shoes is April 5th.

March 4- International Walk To Work Day; Walk to work  and post on FB, the benefits of walking.

March 7- The Day The Telephone Was Patented- See: History of Telephone Eyewear  as opposed to RIP August 2nd for Alexander Graham Bell

March 8- International  Working Womens Day

March 10- Popcorn Lovers Day

March 12- Girls Scouts Day

March 13- Jewel Day- Post pictures of jeweled Eyewear

March 13- National Ear Muff Day 


March 14- Learn About Butterflies Day- Good post for butterfly eyes and Butterfly Eyeglasses

March 14- Save A Spider Day

March 16- Endangered Species Day (Also May 18)

March 16- National Crochet Week- March 16. Have a Crochet Party  (Event) and Knitting for Charity (Give Back)

March 17- National EMT Day 

March 17- St. Patricks Day- marketing, to merchandising and recipes to eyewear.

March 19- National Panda Day- See: Pandas Looking For Contact Lens 

March 18- National Quilting Day (3rd Sat. of the month)

March 20- International Earth Day

March 22- World Water Day

March 23- National Puppy Day  www.nationalpuppyday.org

March 23- RIP Elizabeth Taylor

March 26- Diabetes Alert Day- and an Infographic on Beating Diabetes

March 26– National Spinach Day- Infographic 

March 26- Purple Day

March 28- International Swan Day

March 29- International Mom and Pop Business Day

March 30- Vision Expo East- New York

March 30- World Doctor Day


National Humor Month

National Humor Month

To Do 

Holidays By Day 

April 1- April Fools Day

April 1-International Fun At Work Day

April 2- Children Book Day

April 3- Don’t go To Work Unless It’s Fun

April 3-World Party Day- perfect day for a trunk show!

April 4- International Carrot Day

International Carrot Day

International Carrot Day

April 5-  A Day Without Shoes- Shoe Recycling Day (Event)

April 7- World Health Day 

April 7- National Beer Day-is different than  National Drink Beer Day and OctoberFest 

April 7- International Walk To Work Day.

April 10-National Safety Pin Day- SEE: Safety Pins in Eyewear 

April 10- National Cinnamon Croissant Day – Health Benefits of Cinnamon Infographic 

April 10- Golfers Day

Golfers Day

Golfers Day

April 10- National Siblings Day

April 12- National Architecture Week  (Fun)

April 13- This is the supposed start to National Princess Week. See: History of  Tiara Eyewear and Princess Eyewear

April 15- National Library Week. We have several posts on Reading, Libraries, books

April 15- Husband Appreciation Day

Husband Appreciation Day

Husband Appreciation Day

April 16- Easter Sunday

April 16- Standing Tall Week  (Event)

April 17 Bat Appreciation Day (See: Bat Eyewear)

April 19- World Circus Day – See: Circus Eyewear and World Juggling Day is June 18.

April 20- National Weed Day

April 20- Queen Day

April 20- Volunteer Recognition Day

April 22- Earth Day- SEE: Eco  at OpticalVisionResources or Eco on theopticalvisionsite.com

April 23- Take Your Daughter To Work Day

April 24- Arbor Day -See: planting trees, merchandising with sunglass trees, Trees Looking At You and Eyewear companies that Plant Trees 

April 25- Reichert files patent for Phoropter. See: History of the Phoropter,  Phoropter Fashion, Justin Timberland,

April 25- World Penguin Day, National Penguin Day is January 20th.

April 26- National Frog Day (Trivia) and Frog Eyewear.

April 26- Seeing Eye Dog Day -International Guide Dog Day www.seeingeye.org

Seeing Eye Dog Day

Seeing Eye Dog Day

April 28- Arbor Day

April 30- Hairstyle Appreciation Day. See:Hairstyle Appreciation and Eccentric Hairstyles eyewear made with Hair   History of Comb Eyewear


This is also the Month of Graduations– See our Optometrists Graduation Cakes

To Do

Holidays By Day 

May 1- Save the Rhino Day, is May 1st and World Rhino Day is September 22.  We have a little Optical Fun mixed with some Rhino stats and Vision Trivia 

May 1- May Day

May 1- World Laughter Day– Share your favorite Cornea jokes.

May 4- Bird Day

May 4- Star Wars Day

May 5- Cinco de Mayo

May 6-7 Great Glasses Play Day

May 8- Iris Day (the flower) but can do eyeballs.

May 8- No Socks Day

May 9- National Teachers Day

May 10- National Receptionist Day

May 14- Dance Like A Chicken Day- a fun day for sure.

May 14-  Mothers Day- See Marketing, Optical Fun for Mothers Day

May 15 – National Dinosaur Day (Also in June) A fun post of Dinosaur Eyewear 

May 15-  National Wine Day

May 15-  National Police Week- Police and Eyecare Optical fun .

Police Week

Police Week

May 16- Wear Purple For Peace Day

May 17- National Boating Safety Day and Safe Boating Week

May 17- National Sunscreen Day

May 17 is EMT day

May 17 is EMT day

May 19- Bike To Work Day

May 20- Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day

May 21- National Eye Patch Day

May 22- World Goth Day

May 22 Sherlock Holmes Day

May 22 Sherlock Holmes Day

May 23- National Turtle Day.

May 25- National Wine Day- See our other posts

May 27- National Sunscreen Day

May 29- Memorial Day

May 29- Pink Flamingo Day

May 31-World No Tobacco Day

May 31- National Hearing Aid Day and Save Your Hearing Day- History of Hearing Aid Eyeglasses 


To Do

Holidays By Day 

June 2- National Donut Day (Eyeglasses) and Healthier Donut Recipes and Marketing For National Donut Day 

June 2- International Surfing Day (Vintage Fun Eyewear)

June 3- International Egg Day  (Fun)

June 5- International Environment Day

June 7- National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 8- World Oceans Day – SEE: Beach Babe Eyes, 6 Bespectacled Beach Displays and Merchandising With Beach Towels,  Seen at the Beach .

June 9-  Johnny Depp’s Birthday SEE:Johnny Depp Eyeglasses in Movies)

June 12- National Rose Day – (Fun)

June 14- National Steampunk Day- 10 Steampunk Eyeglasses  and What is Steampunk Eyewear .

June 15- National Lobster Day

June 15- Smile Power Day

June 15- National Tattoo Day; SEE  Eyeglass Tattoos


June 18- Go Fishing Day

June 18- Fathers Day  and 8 Fathers Day Displays

June 19- World Kissing Day  and Lip-Smacking Eyewear

June 19- RIP Jane Mansfeld

June 21- World Giraffe Day giraffeconservation.org

June 21-  National Music Day,

June 23- National Pink Day

National Pink Day

National Pink Day

June 24- Take Your Dog To Work Day- Post on Dogs At Work 

June 26- National Beauticians Day

June 27- National Sunglass Day

June 28- Insurance Awareness Day

June 29- National Camera Day


To Do

  • Back To School Preparation
  • Dress up Office in Patriotic Colors for 4th of July and Summer Olympics

Holidays By Day  

July 1- Canada Day

July 4- Fourth of July- Eye Safety. We have lots of posts from Patriotic Eyewear, marketing, merchandizing and safety.

July 5- Shark Week Starts.– Double Check with Discovery Channel

July 5- National Bikini Day

July 5- Work-a-holics Day

July 6-RIP Frida Khalo

July 6- International Kissing Day

July 7- Chocolate Day

July 8- International Blueberries Day

July 11- National Cherry Day

July 12- Different Colored Eye Day

July 12- Pecan Pie Day

July 13- Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 13- National French Fry Day (Fun Eyeglasses)

July 14- Shark Appreciation Day 

July 14- National Nude Day

July 15- Pandemonium Day

July 15- Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Appreciation Day

July 16- National Cherry Day

July 16- Fresh Spinach Day

X-ray-superman- joke

Comic Con

July 16- National Ice Cream Day

July 19- Comic Con San Diego

July 22nd Is National Moth Week

July 22nd Is National Moth Week

July 21- National Junk Food Day

July 21 National  Monkey Day

July 23- National Hot Dog Day- Doggles, Dog Days of Summer, Dog Trivia and even Contact lens for Dogs 

Hot Dog Sunglasses- close up

July 23- National  Sjogrens Day

July 24- Amelia Earhart Day

July 25- National Merry Go Round Day See: Round Eyewear

July 26- National Cowboy Day

National Rain Day is July 29. Frame by Bradley Kenneth

National Rain Day is July 29. Frame by Bradley Kenneth

July 30- Father In Law Day

July 31 National Mutt Day www.nationalmuttday.org


To Do

Holidays By Day 

Aug 1- International Drink Beer Day

Aug 1- National Girlfriends Day

Aug 2- Dinosauer Day (again)

Aug 3- National Watermelon Day

Aug 5- Work Like a Dog Day

Aug 6- Sisters Day

Aug 9-  National Book Lovers Day- Merchandising Post, Starting A Book Club  and Having A Book Drive 

Aug 10- RIP- Issac Hayes

Aug 10- National Lion Day Lion Eyeglasses

Aug. 11- National Bowling Day– Bowling Sunglasses

Aug. 11- Son and Daughter Day

Aug 12- World Elephant Day

Aug. 16- National Honey Bee Day (Bee Sunglasses).

Aug 16- RIP- Elvis Presley Eyewear

Aug 19- National Aviation day (Aviator Eyewear)


Aug 19- National Potato Day and a recipe Potato Latkes

Aug 21- Senior Citizens Day

Aug 26- National Dog Day  www.nationaldogday.org

Aug 26- Womens Equality Day

Aug 26- National Hamster Day

Aug 27 Banana Lover Day- Health Benefits of Bananas Infographic 

Aug. 28- National BowTie Day– Fun customer engagement, showing off bowTies, wearing bow ties to work. www.nationalbowtieday.com

Aug 30- International Whale Shark Day 

Aug 31- National Eat Outside Day


Tom Davies-Piano Eyewear

Tom Davies-Piano Eyewear

To Do

  • Back To School Marketing
  • Merchandising For Fall
  • Sign Up For World Sight Day (October)
  • Breast Cancer Month (October)
  • Vision Expo West
  • Sign up For International Coastal Clean up Day (Sept. 17)
  • Plan HSA marketing for last three months.
Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches on Flickr

Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches on Flickr

Holidays By Day 

Sept 2- National Bacon Day- Bacon Eyewear  (Fun) Also can be celebrated December 30

Sept. 4- National Wildlife Day

Sept 4- Labor Day

Sept 5- Be Late For Something Day

Sept 5- Cheese Pizza Day

Sept 6- Read a Book Day

Absolutely GORGEOUS display (Prahran, Victoria, Australia)

Absolutely GORGEOUS display (Prahran, Victoria, Australia)

Sept 8- World Literacy Day

Sept 9 RIP- Jimi Hendrix

Sept. 9- National Teddy Bear Day

Sept 10- Grandparents Day

Sept 11- 9/11

Sept 13- Vision Expo West, Las Vegas

Sept 13- Postitive Thinking Day

Sept 14- RIP Grace Kelly

Sept 15-  POW/ MIA Remembrance Day

Sept 16- Mexican Independance Day

Sept 17- National Women’s Friendship Day

Sept 17- Wife Appreciation Day

Sept 18- National Cheeseburger Day

Sept 19- Talk Like a Pirate Day


Sept. 20- Eat An Apple Day- An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Sept. 21- International Day of Peace and Peace Eyeglasses

Sept 21- World Gratitude Day

Sept 22- Fall begins!

Sept. 22- Business Womens Day

Sept. 22- National Women Warrior Day

Sept 22- Falls Prevention Day  Confirm Day via Prevent Blindness America

Sept. 22- Elephant Appreciation Day

Sept 23- International Rabbit Day

Sept. 25- Comic Book Day

Sept 28- Ask A Stupid Question Day 

Sept 28- National Good Neighbor Day

Sept- (Last week) National Dog Week


To Do

Oct. 1- National Appreciate Raccoon Day

Oct. 1- National Homemade Cookies Day

Oct. 1- National Fire Pup Day

Oct. 1- Vegetarian Day

Oct. 2- National Manufacturing Day

Oct. 2- Name Your Car Day

Pierre Eyewear

Pierre Eyewear

Oct. 3- National Golf Day

Oct. 3- National Boyfriends Day

Oct.5- Do Something Nice Day

Oct. 5- World Teachers Day

Oct. 6- World Smile Day

Oct 8- October Fest in Germany ends

Oct 9- Columbus Day

Oct 11- It’s My Party Day

Oct. 12- World Sight Day


Oct. 12- Stop Bullies Week

Oct. 13- Friday The 13th

Oct. 14- National Knitting Week

Knitted sunglasses

Oct. 14- Native American Day

Oct. 15- World Handwashing Day

Oct 15- White Cane Safety Day

Oct. 17- Wear Something Gaudy Day

Oct. 21- Apple Day in the UK

Oct. 22- Mother- In-Law Day

Oct. 23 International Snow Leopard Day 

Snow Leopard Lenses

Snow Leopard Lenses

Oct. 25- National Orange Day– Wear Orange to protest violence against women and girls.

Oct. 25- International Shoe Lover Day; Have fun with this one!

Oct. 26- National Hug A Sheep Day

Hug A Sheep Day

Hug A Sheep Day

Oct. 27- Frankenstein Day


Oct. 28- National Chocolate Day (Another one)

Oct. 28- Make A Difference Day

Oct. 29- National Cat Day (Trivia) and Cat- Eye Eyewear.

Oct. 31- Halloween


To Do Plan On:

  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • #OptOutside
  • Cyber Monday
  • Flex Benefits
  • Start working on your 2016 Marketing Budget
  • Plan Holiday Party if haven’t already.

Holidays By Day 

Nov. 1- Day of the Dead

Nov. 7-  Book Lovers Day  and merchandising here 

Nov. 8- National Radiology Day (History of x-ray Vision)


Nov. 8- Nacho Day

Nacho Eyewear

Nov. 11- Veterans Day

Nov. 13- World Kindness Day

Nov. 14- World Diabetes Day

Nov. 15- World Philanthropy Day

Nov. 15- America Recycles Day


Nov.16- National Fast Food Day

Nov 17- Great American Smoke Out

Nov. 17- World Peace Day

Nov. 21- World Hello Day

Nov. 21- National Cranberry Day

Nov. 24- Thanksgiving

Turkey Shades for Thanksgiving

Turkey Shades for Thanksgiving

Nov. 25- Black Friday

Nov. 25- Buy Nothing Day

Nov 26- Small Business Saturday

Facebook- Buy Local

Nov. 26- National Cake Day

Found on kiddiekupcakes.blogspot.com

Found on kiddiekupcakes.blogspot.com

Nov. 28- Cyber Monday

Nov 28- Giving Tuesday (See Giving Tuesday)


  • Christmas
  • National Safe Toys Month
  • Hanukah (Check Days)
  • National Bingo Month ( This could be a really fun Facebook engagement)

To Do

  • Set up Marketing Calendar For 2016
  • Set up Business Plan for 2016.
  • Pull Coop Advertising together to send in.
  • Put Old stock on sale to get rid of

Holidays By Day 

Dec.1- Eat a Red Apple Day

Dec 4- World Conservation Day

Dec 4- World Cookie Day

Dec 5- International Volunteer Day

Dec 7- Pearl Harbor Day

Dec 8- RIP- John Lennon

Dec 9- Christmas Card Day

Dec 10- Human Rights Day

Dec. 12- Poinsettia Day

Dec 13- Ice Cream Day

Dec 13- Violin Day

Dec. 13- National Day of The Horse

Dec 18- Bake Cookies Day-Check out our Pinterest Board  Fun for Eyeglass Cookies.

Dec 21- Crossword Puzzle Day

Dec 21: Winter Solstice Day which is the shortest day of the year.

Dec 21- Look on The Bright Side Day

Dec. 24- Jan 1 Hanukkah

Dec. 24- National Chocolate Day (Pinterest Board Chocolate)

Dec. 25- Christmas

Dec. 28- National Card Playing Day

Dec. 31- New Years Eve

There are many, many more holidays to celebrate and have fun with. If I missed any or the dates are wrong,  please let us know.

Happy 2017

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