Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Vision

I said this in my 2011 Father’s Day post – Don’t ask fathers what they want for Father’s Day or their birthdays, they don’t know! Two billion (yes billion) dollars will be spent on Father’s Day gifts this year and much of it on useless items. People will start getting more and more desperate about what to buy so NOW is the time to merchandise and advertise before people start buying those unwanted ties, golf paraphernalia and useless gadgets. Give your optical customers Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Vision.

Here are some useful ideas for you to include in your marketing:

  • How about those Dad’s that need a little updating? Suggest a new look and put up lots of POP featuring Men! Suggest a new look for Dad…… If he is getting rid of those pleated pants and baggy shirts it is time to get an updated pair of eyeglasses too! ClearVision Optical’s Mensday articles show how to put the look together here is one featuring Cole Haan  and there are many more to choose from:

    Here are links to a few more ClearVision Optical Mensday features with eyewear: Striped Shirts, Surf shorts, Bomber jackets, Grey, and there are many more!
  • Men tend to like new technology  this is the time to feature the technical aspects of eyewear and promote it for Father’s Day gifts. Here is a good example from Switch Vision:
  • DIY Dads. If there’s a dad in your life who spends time in the workshop, there are probably DIY tools on your gift list.  Nanofilm’s Defog It antifog recommends adding two more: safety eyewear and Defog It antifog towelettes or liquid. Almost half of America’s 2.5 million annual eye injuries happen around the home. Nearly 90% are preventable with proper protective eyewear, but research shows fogging is a top reason for working without safety glasses or goggles.

Give your optical customers Father’s Day Gift Ideas With Vision.

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