Get Patriotic with Wiley X and win $100

We recently did a post about Made In America and realized that we have a lot of patriotic eyewear fans! With July 4 coming up we thought you could have some opti-fun and create your own over the top patriotic eyewear! So we had a party and got very patriotic using Wiley X glasses and a few embellishments, here is our favorite Wiley X patriotic creation from our party!

Taylour wears our Wiley X patriotic creation

So have your own party with your optical staff and or customers. WileyX will provide a $100 Visa gift card to the best entry, two runner-ups will get one free pair of WileyX eyewear each! “Wiley X is proud to be a US Veteran owned company, to provide products that protect our fighting men and women in the armed forces and to have many products Made in USA.” said Rob Maser, Commercial Sales Director To win, send us your patriotic eyewear party pictures by June 26th. Winners will be announced July 1 in time for Independence Day!

All you need is a little creativity; some old glasses and a few supplies like these and show us your patriotic creations:

Essential patriotic eyewear decorating materials

Let the fun begin, Wiley X glasses ready for transformation, glue guns loaded and off we go!

Glue guns loaded

We look forward to seeing your pictures. Please email your entries to before June 26, 2012. Get Patriotic with Wiley X and win $100


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  1. Let me get this right, WileyX wants me to take a frame that retails for a minimum of$80 and cover it in patriotic ‘Bling’ (thus ruining the chance of selling the product) for a ‘Chance’ at winning $100.

    Umm, no thanks, I’ll take the profit on the sale of the item instead.

  2. HI, No, you can take any frame, not just WileyX and remake. Even do paper or cardboard.. Maybe you have some old discontinued product hanging around that you might want to go away?


  1. […] We look forward to seeing more of  your pictures. Please email your entries to before June 26, 2012. For more details go to: Get Patriotic with Wiley X have some opti-fun for a chance to win $100! […]

  2. […] Get Patriotic With WileyX and Win $100 […]