Go Green- Make Green-Save Green For Earth Day 2010

Earth Day- April 22

April 22 is Earth Day and this year is the 40th Anniversay!  Earth Day was the idea of Senator Gaylord Nelson, in his attempt to “put the environment into the political ‘limelight’ once and for all” (his words) Now 190 countries and 500 Million people celebrate this day of renewal of our earths resources.

Contrary to popular belief going Eco-Friendly does not have to be about Global Warming. If Global Warming slows down so be it, but if you can enhance your customer relations, improve employee productivity with non-toxic solutions, save money with eco-friendly devices, and make money by patient referrals and loyalty,  you, the office, your patients and lastly the environment are all winners.

In celebration of Earth Day and Month, we will offering up tips on how to Go Green, Save Green and Make Green for the entire month of April. Plus we have stories on how eyecare offices are marketing their eco-friendliness, what your vendors are doing in saving waste and how the consumer looks at ‘green health’ and eyecare. We will be looking at unique eyecare products made with recycled materials, and non-toxic options for your office.

We hope that you will pick up some tips and have fun with some of our videos and start planning for Earth Day as well. This is one of the most celebrated event in the entire world and here is a few tips that you can start planning:

1.) Offer your office as a drop off center for cellphone, medical sharps, batteries for a day.

2.) Pick up litter around your office, shopping center, close the office and let your patients know, maybe they want to help!

3.) Plant a tree(s) Planting trees cleans pollution indoors and out, prevents erosion and reduces greenhouse gases.

4.) Collect old lenses and eyeglasses for eyeglass recycling

5.) Put on some earth songs instead of musak.

6.) If you are in a shopping center- put on a ‘street fair’ – talk about eco-friendly health care.

7.) Visit classrooms to talk about eye health, proper food for eyehealth.

8.) Wear green and brown (earth colors)

9.) Go paperless for the day! (save you money as well)

10.) Have an Earth Day banquet- offer local and organic food. Buying local is an important part of Earth Day.

11.) If you are carrying eco-friendly eyecare products- have a Trunk Show

12.) Provide reusable bags for patients booked that day

13.) Ride bike, walk, car-pool or take public transportation on Earth Day.

14.) Consider buying a carbon offset for at least Earth Day.

15.) Don’t purchase bottled drinks, drink water from the tap, make your own coffee, take a 3 minute shower, little things that add up, stop wasting water.

16.) Get rid of any plastic plants you have and replace them with real plants that clean the air.

17.) Recycle, Recycle and Recycle again.

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