Marketing For National UnPlug Day March 3 2017

I am Not Addicted to electronic devices. In fact National Unplug Day which is March 3 and 4 of 2017 is a day I welcome more than Christmas. Unfortunately, I know way too many people that are addicted to not just their cell phone. One friend, who calls me a Luddite, her ring tone for me is an old phone.

Personally speaking, when I do ‘events’ at my house cells phones have to be turned off. When going out, I ask for a non-cell phone evening, meaning, that the cell phones have to put away, no surfing, no pictures to be posted on Facebook…nothing. To me, I do not need or want to spend 2-3 hours and $XXXX or money to watch people play with their phones. I don’t care, call me a Luddite, because I would rather have a conversation and look someone in the eye.

Eye Bogglers:

  • 35 times a dayThe average smartphone user checks his or her phone (WebMD)
  • 50% of American Teens admitted they ‘feel addicted/ to their smartphones.  (Fortune)
  • 70% of parents and teens have argues about smartphone useage
  • 77 % of parents say that ‘teenagers were sometimes distracted by their phones or tablets during time spent together with family”.
  • 56% of parents confess that they check their mobile devices while driving/
  • 51% of teens admit that they have seen their parents check their smartphones while driving.
  •  75 % of all smartphone users admit that they have texted while driving at least once.
  •  70% of smartphone users check their phones “within an hour of getting up”.
  •  56% of smartphone users check their phones “within an hour of going to sleep”.
  •  61% of smartphone users admit that “they regularly sleep with their cell or smartphone turned on under their pillow or next to their bed”.
  •  48% of smartphone users check their devices over the weekend.
  • 51% of smartphone users check their devices continuously during their vacations.
  • 44% of smartphone users admit that they would experience “a great deal of anxiety” if the phone went missing and they were unable to replace it for a week.
  • 3 hours and 8 minutes a day Average use of smartphone during one day and another survey found  3.6 hours a day using it.

I am not going to talk about Digital Eye Strain, but how to promote The Day of The Unplug? Why do do a contest of some sort.. how long can you go and post on Facebook with a winner getting a free supple of nutraceuticals.

If you are interesting in having an Unplug Day, sponsoring an event go to National Unplug Day for more information. The site is very cool, where people post why they unplug: I unplug to stay connected, I unplug to study, I unplug to be with my family.. very cool and a health benefit.


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