Notable Marketing For National Piano Month

September is National Piano month a great month to celebrate music and musicians who play the piano and wear eyewear. Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keyes all wear or wore eyewear and sunglasses.

On another note, would you believe that these celebrities are also pianists? Sandra Bullock, Hugh Laurie, Clint Eastwood, Alyssa Milano, Robert Downey Junior, Richard Gere, Elijah Wood, Jeff Goldblum, Sean Hayes and Dustin Hoffman. (Source)

There are several ways to use National Piano month to engage patients.

  • #Music #Monday- post piano concerts up on Social Media pages
  • #Trivia #Tuesday put up Piano Trivia
  • #Wellness #Wednesday post about benefits of music to health.
  • #Throwback #Thursday- post pictures of famous pianists .
  • Merchandise with Black and White Eyewear.

We have pulled together some fun piano Eyewear for you to enjoy.

TD Tom Davies ran a Give Back program with his DADA collection. This was oen of the designs and we love it. More information on

Tom Davies Piano Eyewear

Tom Davies- Piano Eyewear CU

We have no idea on where this piano piece came from. The ivory keys are canopied across the top of the frame. This came from Worn Through

Worn Through

From Eyewear Design Alliance, these piano sunglasses were made exclusively for Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars Custom Piano Sunglasses

Bruno Mars Custom Piano Sunglasses

Urban Optics in Chicago, known for their custom wood eyewear, re-created the Elton John Piano glasses in wood

Piano Eyewear by Urban Optics

Piano Eyewear by Urban Optics

We love this image of more Elton John Piano Glasses. Unfortunately we have never been able to find Elton John wearing any type of Piano Glasses.

Image Credit unknown

Image Credit unknown

Any other ideas let us know in the comments below.


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