Six Eyecare Tips for Earth Day Marketing

Earth Day is Friday April 22 and this is a huge international event, with over 1 Billion people celebrating around the world. Some will be running their own events, others will be picking up trash, donating time or materials.. all bringing attention to saving the earth.

The day is all about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. Eyecare professionals can also participate in many ways:

1.) Have a Reuse Contest for your patients: Announce via Social Media and have your staff and patients send you their reuse ideas?

2.) Have a recycling Event in your office. Eyeglasses, Cell Phones, Shoes, Clothing drives can help those in need.

3.) Take an area and pick up trash/litter. Adopt a Highway

4.) Post articles on Greening and Saving on Facebook. Include non-toxic environments, eye healthy recipes.

5.) Plant a tree and better yet put real plants in your office.

6.) Merchandise your ‘Eco-Friendly’ products. Set them apart and make signage to show if they give back, made of recycled materials or if made local.

Earth Day will be viral news throughout the world. People, companies and organization will be posting their Earth Day Activities all day. Get involved, let your patients know that you care.


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