Two Striking Shark Eyeglasses For Shark Week

For the last three years we along with the Discovery Channel celebrate one of the worlds oldest animals the Shark with Shark Week. To launch our first day of Shark Week we found two absolutely incredible rimless Shark eyeglasses. Both have the Jaws teeth feature along with the fin.

The first is from Toms Designs  out of Germany. His design is one Snark, separated in two with a top bar design. One lens is the open mouthed Jaws and the tail is the other lens.


Then we found these awesome Shark Shaped prescription eyeglasses from Sight Shapers in the Netherlands. Sight Shapers made both lenses in the shape of the shark. The jagged mouth is closed with Shark Teeth present.

Sight Shapers Shark Shades

Sight Shapers Shark Shades

Shark Shaped Eyeglasses

Welcome to Shark Week.

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