Wiley X Safety Eyewear Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Wiley X Safety Eyewear contest! In this post we asked  “As an eyecare retailer tell us what you are doing or plan to do with local employers and businesses to promote eye safety in the work place?”

The winners of a free pair of Wiley X Safety glasses provided the ideas shown below – I think I want to meet Kevin and go for a “little ride on the motorcycle, sounds fun!:

Laura Sternberg – Visual Perceptions: This is an area where we plan on growing our business. Love reading the comments to help us along. We already have people purchasing these Wiley X’s but need to do more. Plan on visiting local businesses to introduce them to Wiley X’s. We do take them to our shows for chamber of commerce health and safety days and other chamber events.

Wiley X Hard case display

Kevin Treat – Mobile Opticare: We have developed an eye safety program by positioning our Wiley X products at various events. The most successful however is catering to motorcycling. Once every other month, we spend a Saturday afternoon at a high profile motorcycle dealership with our Wiley X hard case display. We set up a table with a Wiley X banner draped across the front which usually informs customers we are offering something special. The portable lensometer on the table often conveys we are not just showing “biking glasses” but are optical professionals ready to serve their biking RX vision needs. We aim at developing collective interest from customers and then begin a PowerPoint presentation which conveys many eye injury statistics and how they can effectively be prevented with Wiley X safety eyewear and sunwear. As a thank you to the dealership, I usually bring Pizza or subs for the employees and offer comp pricing for their personal safety eyewear. Tip: Nothings more credible than someone who shares common interests. If you have never ridden a motorcycle, it’s a good idea to leave the lab-coat and wingtip shoes at the office and have someone take you for a little ride.

Janet – Franklin Lakes Optical: My goal for the first quarter is to visit the companies in the area and introduce the Wiley X line to them.Their needs may be safety or it may open the door for new Rx sales for everyday sunglasses wearer. You have to knock on doors if you want someone to answer.

Zechariah: 3 main ideas come to mind when determining eyewear in the military. Protection, Performance and look.

  • Protection: Always look to exceed standard government ratings for ballistic protection
  • Performance: Mainly, will it remain stable on my face when making abrupt physical movements, such as running. Is it uncomfortable when wearing for long periods of time?
  • Look: Hell, we all gotta look good in our eyewear. But in my line of work, need to ensure the subdued and intimidating appearance is kept (Black Ops revolvers).

Wiley X has been a long time supporter to the military and has proven its capabilities through many years. Troops were actively pursuing the goggles even before long before they were issued. Because of the state of art look and fortified protection they provide, in my opinion they are OUTSTANDING!

Dr. Sager: IF you show industry how they can lower their insurance premiums by setting up an eye safety program, they are very likely to do so. They save money up front, they save on disability claims and loss of manpower hours. It is a win win for everyone.

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