Eyecare Events: World Emoji Day July 17

Who remembers when all we had to use was a smiley face? There is a World Emoji Day and think about how much fun you could have with this on Facebook. Emoji contests, make your own Emoji, Favorite Emoji’s, Decorate your glasses with Emoji’s… Office Emojis

Eye Bogglers:

Emojis were invented in 1998 by  Shigetaka Kurita while working for DoCoMo. He wanted a way to send a message without text and there you have it. But Emoji did not become universal until Apple put them on their iPhone and then Android picked it up. Get this, the First International Emojicon conference was held in San Francisco, California on November 4, 2016. That was last year!

Of course we had to go on a search to see if we could find Emoji Eyewear and the first we found was the Post-It Note Eyewear which have Emoji Type Faces on Post It Notes. That was in 2011.

Posit It Note Eyewear

Then Jeremy Scott launched his Emoction Eyewear on the runway in 2012.

Jeremy Scott Emoction Eyewear, Fall 2012

Jeremy Scott

Pepsi loved it so much, they did a collaboration with Jeremy Scott for Pepsi-Emoji Sunglasses in 2016.


Jeremy Scott x Pepsi

Jeremy Scott

We ran into Emoji Sunglasses at a Vision Expo.

In 2017 Ace and Tate teamed with Lernert & Sander for a capsule Emoji Collection.

Then we came across Magic Emotion Eyewear on Behance, which uses LED lighting to show emotion.

How To Make Your Own Emoji

How To Make A Custom Emoji 

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