10 FREE Eyewear Displays Using Items Around The House

Many items around your house can be used for displays. Depending on the size of the display area, things like chairs make for eye-catching displays. Not that you want to tear up your house, but if you are only looking at something for a month.. why not? For more ideas please check out our Merchandising Category

1.) This is one of those things that goes in the dryer.. You can paint it, hang it, drape microfiber cloths and eyewear on this. You can find great cleaning clothes from Hilco 

From the Dryer

2.) Guess what this is- Ceiling Fan lengthener or whatever they are called. Don’t know why I still have these.. but they are interesting shapes, can be painted and reused to make displays.

Fan Fixtures

3.) Every office and home should have a supply of Flashlight for Disaster Preparation. Since our big blackout last year, I dug up all my Flashlights. Flashlights come in all colors all shapes and can make fun displays. Tagline- Light up your look….


4.) Vases- Again most likely you have vases you never use unless you are so lucky to get a weekly delivery of roses! Vases come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Why not reuse to make displays. Whether you put in real flowers (not fake), add tissue paper, pipe cleaners, fill will colored broken glass, fabric. All can be easily changed due to look, season or display. You can put in broken lenses especially sunglasses as well. .


5.) Pictures- I am sure that you have pictures that can be reused for displays. Theses are small colorful (since it’s summer) to promote ‘Vacation Travel‘ Put your Travel in a Box kit, with contact lens solution, eyeglass repair kits, readers and back up sunglasses to promote that next trip to Hawaii.. For those who want an affordable pair of back up glasses, check out K-Mars frame and lens program.


6.) Mops, Brooms, Sponges all can be used.

Karen Walker Broom Merchandising

Window Display using brooms Source


7.) Telephone Books- Make a Retro display- Ha Ha.. Tagline- Real Glasses- Real People or Are your glasses as old as your phone.. Add a vintage phone and

Photo: www.farleyscoffee.com

Another way to display Vintage looking eyewear. Selfridges Store Window

Via Flickr: jovike

8.) Old Games. This is actually vintage Canasta Cards, which I used to play with my grandmother circa 1960’s.

Hermes Store Window featuring Playing Cards


Wink EyewearDisplay featuring Orgren ‘Outer Space’. Good example of how you can use toys to make a message.. Quit toying around and come in!

Wink Optical

8.) Candles- Who doesn’t have candles? Best thing about candles they can be reused even if they have been used! Nothing like a drippy candle for a display. They also smell good.. Instead of just sticking a candle, try using a color concept like this in Purple. You can use eyecessorzing eyewear, eyeglass cleaners, eyeglass cases, eyewear retainers, readers and cleaning cloths to make it really POP.


10.) Corks. If you drink wine or have neighbors who drink wine, normally speaking those corks go right into the trash, unless you reuse or recycle them. Corks make for great displays.. you can paint, glue them into many different shapes, put them in a vase or bowl.. For ways to recycle corks click here.

Anthropologies Window Display Using Corks

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