A&A Optical Launches Practice Tactic: Weekly Tip To Aid Sell Thru

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One of the things we get asked for the most is Merchandising and Design Tips. Thankfully eyewear vendors are stepping up to give eyecare professionals helpful hints on merchandising and design. The latest to help is A&A Optical who is launching a series of Practice Tactics which will incorporate design from ‘layout to scent to signage.’ Over the next 14 weeks eyecare professionals will receive a weekly tip to aid in product sell through. Who doesn’t need that!

A&A’s tips will contain photographs, links and best practices from the retail and optical industry and quotes from professionals and business owners, like architects and merchandisers.   They will ask customers and ECP’s to join in and post comments on their thoughts and ideas and share photos as well.   At the end of the 14 weeks all the articles, photos and links into an information-packed booklet which and  will be housed on their website and shared with customers.

Click here to go to our first post on A&A’s Practice Tactics:  Merchandising and Design Tips:

Here is their first tip which will be broken up into several posts on A&A Optical’s Facebook page (read here or click the link above):

Tip #1: Design – Practice Personality

Illustrate your businesses’ unique individual style so you distinguish yourself from competitors.  What is your story?  What is your style?  Is your practice personality High Tech,  Conservative/Traditional, Natural, Sophisticated, Luxury/High End, Edgy Trendy?  Who shops in your practice?  Does your look and feel relate to your existing clientele?

Store design can be your best source of advertising according to retail how-to-book author James E. Dion.  A compelling design that carries your brand personality message throughout the space could be the reason for initial contact.  Be sure to create a unique and comfortable environment that connects with your shoppers.  Stand out from the competition while presenting a look that is a definitive representation of your practice’s brand personality and identity.

Eyewear is considered a fashion accessory, it’s critical to look fashion forward regardless of your clientele.  Each different component of your practice can affect the customer’s perception of your business.  Your brand story should be carried through every aspect of your space:  signage, merchandising, lighting, use of color, flooring  and fixtures.  A good example of this is the modern, open and inviting environment architect, John Lum created to enhance Dr. Holbert’s high end eyewear products.  All fixtures and architectural elements were custom designed to contain an ‘eye shape’.  The same shape was repeated throughout the shop in the ceiling, tables, walls and seating.  John Lum Architecture  – courtesy of John Lum Architecture and Focus Group West.



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