Eyecare Marketing: To Eyewear Or Not To Eyewear

Moschino ~ House of Holland ~ Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (2009)

Jean Charles de Castelbajac ~ Nathan Jenden ~ Martin Margiela (2009)

Anish ~ Vivienne Westwood ~ Lecoanet and Hemant (2009)

This eyewear was actually taken from Spring of 2009 runway shows. Our source: Trenddecreme.com.

Designers like you need to make statements, set themselves apart and build their own brand. When models like this show up on a runway wearing eyewear like this, it sets the designer apart from anyone else. Are they going to sell alot of these particular pieces? Probably not, but what did happen, is people like me, and Trenddelacreme, pass this pics around and guess what the designer gets known.

The same principle applies to the eyecare office, That is why we encourage, push and believe you should be carrying funky, colorful, different and totally unique eyecare products and services, so your word of mouth marketing will spread. We also encourage you to post unusual one of a kind type of eyewear on your blog and website, because if you do, people, patients, customers will think/know you have something different to offer than the run of the mill eyewear.

Here is the thing with this type of eyewear- it is non-returnable. You don’t keep it out all the time, you use as display pieces, to make statements about your product, for fun raffles and events, to loan out to theater groups and fashion shows. This type of eyewear are investment pieces into your brand and image.

Personally, I love this stuff, it’s unique and if I had a store, I would be collecting odd eyewear and rotate them in and out of my displays over various events and holidays through out the year.

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