Sunsational Sunglass Decor

We all see many eyecare themed T’shirts, socks, shoes, baby clothes, purses.. yada, yada. While cute and fun to wear and share, after awhile they all look alike. (No offense) Until now.. bright, colorful optical accessories company  DeLaurentis  has brought new vision to optical furnishings. DeLaurentis creates unique accessories such as cases, eyeglass leashes, accessories, furniture, clothing and scarves for the optical market. Can you picture one of these in the reception room? It’s kitschy but cute and certainly brand building.


Eyeglass Pillow

Eyeglass Couch

Eyeglass Chair 2

Many thanks to Maarten Weidema of Procchiali Eyewear Studio who discovered this artful decor.

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  1. our office is interested in these chairs, does anyone know how to get in touch with them? web site is all Spanish!

  2. The site is in Portugese This is what i usually do, write my message in English in the contact then put Via Google Translate put their language in. Go to google translate and copy and paste your message.
    you could try reaching them via Facebook