20 Consumer Trends in 2011- How It Relates To Eyecare

Trend Hunter just ran their annual Consumer Trend Report for 2011. As you are planning for 2011 take into considerations the following trends because each one of the trends affects the eyecare  office.

1.) Projected Digital Display – Use of Digital Displays are growing, you will see more holographic, 3D Displays

  • EyeStar TV– Digital Display System can interact, engage and educate patients

2.) Interactive retail – Consumer engagement at the store level.

  • OptiKam- allows patients to try on eyewear, email to their friends and have fun.
  • Zip Eyewear– which allows the consumer to shop online and then sends them to your eyecare office for final dispensing. Allows interactive retail plus customer service.
  • Eyecare Events– Lots of ideas for in-office Events to engage the consumer

3.) Charitable Giving (Deviance)

  • Growth in Corporate Social Responsibility, Companies such as Wiley X, ClearVision, Walman, VisionEase Lens, Transitions, Modern Optical, McGee all have corporate give-back programs. Whether it is giving back to Breast Cancer, Sewing Dresses for Africa, Providing scholarships for students, donating eyeglasses to needy, people want to support companies that support those less fortunate.

4.) Wearable Tech- fashion and tech meet- Yep, we have been blogging about tech eyewear for a long time, this is the time to get into it.

5.) Brand Reversion- Symbols of our past- Retro styling, Mickey Mouse and other cartoon characters are hot symbols.

  • Looking back is looking forward, growth in cartoons and retro, you can see that in eyewear styling. People just wanna have fun!

6.) On the Spot Style

  • The hottest fashion websites are blogs from ‘real people’ showing styles that people are wearing on the street. StyleBubble, Street Peepers to name a few street blogs that are setting standards for fashion.

7.) Real Time- Tweeting, Swiping

  • Everything is about now, with smartphone connections everybody is up-to-date- with the hottest styles and what is going on globally. The future, the consumer can see an item, hold up their smartphone, click buy and the transaction is over.

8.) Modern Cubism- Simple designs.

  • People are going back to the simple life, getting rid of clutter and designs are proving to be multi-functional
  • Even in eyewear, SwitchVision makes it simple, easy switching from one type of lens to another.

9.) Next Best Thing- Brand taking back seat to other new products.

  • With the consumer more connected and smaller designers using social media, the new consumer is looking for brands beyond the standards and to stand out. It is no longer a cool thing to be carrying a ‘Coach’ bag. It is a cool thing to be wearing non-branded products.

10.) Tangible Printing- 3D printing fast turnaraound

  • Need we say more- 3D is hot, from eyewear to contact lenses, to printing, to computers.

11.) Hyperrealism- Reality based

  • Reality TV to Street Wear, this is not about what some skinny model is wearing on the streets.

12.) Toddler Touchscreens- recordable storybooks, games and experiences

13.) Democratic Selling- consumer votes on what a retailer should see

  • The age of Likeonomics- if the consumer likes you, guess what, others will like you too. I call it the Posse Factor.

14.) Rockstar Self Expressionism- Rock and Rock

  • Last year we did a post on Rock and Roll Eyewear– The trend eyewear designers are creating eyewear around music, selling music to go with eyewear on their site. Lets not forget Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce who have set new looks for fashion eyewear. Lisa Loeb Eyewear just launched to great success. What you can do is re-merchandise setting apart your ‘music’ section, display with a few CD’s and promote via FB, Twitter and email.

15.) Modern Kidvertising- Children Campaigns

  • Marketers know kids are driving sales, ergo- when kids ask for products, parents respond. If you are carrying kids products such as Ficklets (Rons Optical, charms are hot for kids) make sure you market this effectively. Have in receptions and dispensing room interactive kids products.

16.) Luxury lives On

17.) Geriatric Couture

  • Modernizing style from our grandparents (or my parents) What is old is new again, plus our parents and grandparents are more active and connected than ever. This incorporates everything from vintage fabrics to vintage car upholstery reused into purses.

18.) Perpetual Adaptation- Consumer in love with change

  • You may not love change, but your patients do. Re-merchandising the office on a quarterly basis, announcing your new products via email, Facebook and Twitter, can be an easy and cost-effective way to appeal to your clientele that thrives on new.

19.) Tweetonomics

  • This has lead to the ‘What is now’ smaller designers using social media to become the next thing. Your social media competition i.e Sunglass Hut and online sellers that are active on Twitter will continue to take your patients.

20.) Discrete  Consumerism- Consumers are shying away from traditional places.

  • Opportunity for small businesses, as the consumer starts to shift from traditional places to buying local and from places that can respond to consumer needs faster. This will be the year for start-ups and changes. Consumers are going label-less in favor of different and creative. Start promoting anti-brands to appeal to specific groups, that could be anywhere from Steampunk Eyewear to generic eyewear brands.

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