Comments are Rewarding – for You and Your Optical Business

The existence of  Internet and Social Media sites allows a lot more visibility of any comments your optical customer may make about an experience with your business. This makes it even more important to be aware of comments both positive and negative. Feedback from customers can be a helpful way of improving your eyecare services and for positive customer testimonials. Use customer feedback as the measure of performance, it is one of the Eleven Keys to Eyecare Customer Service.

Using optical customer complaints and handling them well can be tools to improving business and can even make an initially dissatisfied customer become an ambassador for your optical business.

Make a comment - get a gift card!

We would like your comments about the Optical Vision Site so that we can improve our service to you our readers and subscribers. As a little incentive and reward we will provide gift cards valued from $5 to $50 to verified subscribers that answer questions on this post. Great ideas get $50. (Comments have to be received before July 19, 2010)

Here are a couple of questions for starters but feel free to add any helpful comments:

Question 1: Posts and Articles – Which categories are you most interested in? e.g Customer Service, Eco Optical, Human Resources, Education etc. (See full list on the right of the page)

Question 2: Do you have a favorite topic that we do not cover enough or at all? If yes, what are we missing?

Question 3: What do you like best about

You can answer any or all of these questions in the comment box below or just make a  comment. Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. Mike Brehm says:

    I have always enjoyed your website, but, because I get paid for being critical, I am more accustomed to turning your questions around.For instance, regarding question #1, the least interested topic that you carry, for me, is Eco Optical.Additionally, regarding question #3,what I like the least about your site is that you are bringing on more and more advertisers, which I understand are needed to make a profit, but, there is a fine line regarding your credibility when it’s understood that you couldn’t post negative comments about the one’s that ultimately pay the bills. Many Optical journals have run into the same conundrm, Jobson Press, as an example, will I read Vision Monday? Yes, but I read it with an understanding that they are going to not only leave out articles demeaning to their advertisers, but have many articles that put their advertisers in a good light.

  2. Sushikcat says:

    I like the Opti-fun but the customer service and HR Posts are most useful, lots of good hints. I read what interests me and like that there are lots of different topics. Thanks, no need to send me a gift card!

  3. eyelover says:

    Marketing and Retail are the most important categories for my business. I would like to see more about problem solving and ideas for the independent optical business within these categories e.g. how to compete with chains.

    What I like best is that there is usually something interesting on this website and it is a quick read.

  4. So far, I have been very impressed with the website and newsletters. I enjoy reading the customer service and the educational things like new product information. They usually contain lots of information that I can use. I’ve only been using this site for a few months, but as Mike mentioned, there is nothing more disappointing as reading a two page educational “advertisement” when I’m expecting to gain general knowledge.

  5. Linda Conlin says:

    HR, marketing and new technology are my favorite articles to read and pass along. I’d like to see more articles on contact lenses, pharmaceuticals and spectacle lens technology. I enjoy having information a click away and being able to research topics. Some of the “Eye Can’t Believe It” posts are a nice distraction, but I like them least for the most part.

  6. Melinda says:

    Ideas on marketing , are one of the best things, I like about your site. I also like great informations on new frame selection and what other retailers are finding to be hot. And I agree, with what eyelover said about competing with chains. We all know independent optical business provide better quality and service, in the long run, but why is it, people get caught up in these chains? I know they think they are saving money, but usually they don,t. I find a lot of interesting topics on your website.

  7. I like the Optical Vision Site e-mails with the bold topics for direct links to the articles. Perhaps getting them only once or twice a week would be a little less overwhelming than every weekday.

    Also, more articles on private practice marketing in this tough economy would be great.

  8. Marie Kirkland says:

    I luv all the ideas on marketing keep up the good work!

  9. I enjoy reading the Optical Vision Site. I am an Optician in a small mid-western town and I am fairly new to the eye care business. I try to absorb all information that I can to improve myself and help the business and patients. This site shows everything from all around health care and new and improved equipment to whimsical articles. These are a nice break to view after helping with a patient.

  10. I always enjoy reading the Optical Vision site when I do have time from servicing patients. There is always something new that helps me do my job just a little bit better in a professional manner. I truly appreciate everything that is on the site. Customer Service and Marketing articles are my favorite. I also like crazy idea of the day–what’s new and now. If I could change one thing about the site it would be to not be sent every day. If we could reduce to twice a week or even something weekly, that would be great to reduce the junk in my email inbox. One thing that I do think is missing is the opportunity for online ABO credit courses.

  11. Lenore Sallee says:

    I am new to the blog here, but I have been enjoying everything so far. I am really intrested in history of eyewear, articles about museums or exhibits are always interesting to me. I also love to see new eyewear and technology and where the optical business is headed in the future. I would love to see some more in-depth coverage of designers’ lines, how their eyewear designs fits in with their clothing, shoes,and accessories.

  12. I have enjoyed most of the articles and since I have been in the business for close to 30 years it gives new insight to how others are viewing the field now. The tech articles help with keeping me up to date but as others have stated I do not appriciate the 2 page ads when trying to learn something new. I also agree that twice a week would be better then everyday delivery, I don’t have thetime to look everyday.

  13. I like any articles having to do with new lens technology and new frame lines. I would love to see a non-biased progressive lens review.

  14. Like everyone else I enjoy reading the articles as well as the video that you post. The one thing that I haven’t notice yet is web sites that offer “CE’s” at no charge for contacts. These seem to be the hardest to find.

  15. Dawn Rakich says:

    I really enjoy the emails. In fact, I have it sent to both my home and office email addresses so that I have access to it wherever I may have time to read it. The topics are usually interesting and often fun. They are often timely and I see them before I have a chance to read them in hard print which I like. That means that I really like the “Eye News” but really can’t say that there are any topics that don’t matter. The fact that it’s just three topics and they are short and to the point means that I can get the information I need or want quickly (and easily) or be directed to more information on the topic without being bogged down with a lot of unnecessary information.

  16. uestion 1: Posts and Articles – Which categories are you most interested in? Managment, marketing:adsm evebts, merchandising and stratagies.

    Question 2: Do you have a favorite topic that we do not cover enough or at all? If yes, what are we missing? you cover it all

    Question 3: What do you like best about the links to other articles that let me pursue each topic

  17. I am very new to the Optical Vision Site and I have very much enjoyed reading the perspectives of others on all the challenges we are facing in this industry. I find it nice to know it is not just our practice. My favorite topics are those that tend to relate to competing with others in this market and customer service related items. I would agree with the review that would like to see these a little less frequent. There are times when I feel overwhelmed by my inbox and will just delete without reading.
    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  18. love the sight and the updates. agree with the optician above, 2-3 times a week would be sufficient. would like to hear more from other practices experiences and advice on lens performance, Hr issues, and marketing and merchandising. keep up the good work

  19. I most enjoy when you post Webinars. I have watched a couple and found them to be informative. I would suggest posting more Webinars that help with marketing and social networking. I always find that information to most useful. I enjoy the opti-fun post. I don’t find them helpful persay but it’s a good pick me up 🙂 .. thanks.

  20. I have been very impressed with your blog and have shared many of them in our office.
    We have been most interested in the product updates, such as the “designer” contact lenses. Also, the article about the lenses that survived being driven over was interesting.
    Since the look of frames is so important the patient, I think it would be nice to have some lens presentation tips in lay-man’s terms to make the patient place more importance on those.
    You have been quite thorough in covering a wide range of topics, though.
    I like the summaries you send in the emails as well as the links to each topic. Your summaries hook us, so we want to read more.
    It would be nice to see an option on your site to pass on a specific article to another person’s email address without requiring them to actually subscribe. I usually look through the summaries and then send the email to my optometrist telling her which one to look at, if any are pertinent to her. A link from that page would save some time and typing.

  21. I love blogs and love this one dedicated to my field of expertise. Living in a rural area, our fashions are a little behind the rest of the world. I love when you share the latest fashionable frames as I have a heads up for the trends and can share that with our patients to get them to update their looks.

    I would be happy to read success stories regarding customer service and marketing. What works for other practices? What has been a waste of time?

    I also like the ECO features as alot of patients are concerned in our earth and I love to share how our field is contributing to the positiveness right here in our rural area.

    I would love to see some eyewear make-overs.

    Thanks for all you do! This blog is really appreciated by me and the staff I have shared it with.

  22. 1) I like marketing-related categories

    2) hearing about how practices are promoting themselves online & in their community

    3)great references/links to other sites that I probably would never have come across on my own

    thank you!

  23. I like the way your site has some light, fun posts along with the good info on new, interesting optical news. I would like to see more info on updates from frame and lens companies. More educaction would also be good. Overall though, good job!

  24. Question 1: Posts and Articles – Which categories are you most interested in?
    I love the customer service articles because they give me great ideas in topics to bring up in staff meetings. Customer service is the foundation of a great business and we pride ourselves on having excellent customer service but are always looking for ways to improve. It also goes over the basics, which we sometimes forget to do.
    I also find the sales articles helpful. For instance the one on how many pairs a person should have or selling multiple pairs. They give good ways to approach secondary pairs and are also very informative. There was 1 that explained differnt color tints and mirrors and which was best for what. I actually printed it out and use it as a reference now. Im so glad I found this sight!

  25. The articles that are most interesting to me have to do with new technology, social media and marketing. Like Mandy who posted previously, I’d like to hear more about what selling strategies have worked in the “real” world (not just NY and LA). The least interesting articles to me are ones on outlandish eyewear styles and trends. Again, they seem only suited for a narrow group of consumers.
    One last thought concerns one of the blog post headlines on this page today. It reads “Pissed off Consumer Site…”. While that language does not specifically bother me I could see where it might bother others and cause them to stay away from your site.

  26. Q #3 :I enjoy the trends updates and especially like the new inventions. I share most of the articles with my staff and even the

  27. I enjoy reading all of the posts, espically enjoy marketing and new trends.
    would like to hear more on pratice building ideas and possiable contests for store displays and ideas. it helps to get people excited and involved in your sight.
    like the links to other sites as well.

  28. Barbara S. says:

    Thanks for all the information you provide. I particularly appreciate feedback on issues from other opticians. Would really like to have c.e. credits for contact lenses or links to sights for same. Unbiased progressive lens comparisons would also be a benefit. Keep up the good work.

  29. I do like the no frill articles that are amusing as some days we need that. The info is always great and what doesn’t pertain, just delete. Maybe once or twice a week would be ok because everyday it does get to be too much.

  30. I enjoy your site because it always offers a wide range of topics. The articles are concise and to the point, and the comments from subscribers who have “been there; done that” are helpful. My favorite topics include customer service and marketing. I would appreciate more information on technology as related to testing and eye exams.

  31. There are different topics covered with each e-mail and therefore, I can always find at least 1 that I am very interested in reading.

  32. 1)Customer Service, Contact lens & dispensing room.

    2)a)Importance of VISUAL MERCHANDISING in an optical store

    b)Tips for contactlens complaints trouble shoot

    c)Ocupational optometry
    d)Customer follow ups

    3)Selection & presentation of every topics

  33. Got an article coming up- this week or next week. Thanks for the suggestion!