EyeXam: Mobil-eyez Your Practice!

“Hang on doc, let me just finish this text”.  Sound familiar?  Texting, checking in on Facebook, and even taking phone calls in eyxamthe middle of an exam has ruffled the feathers of more than one eye doc.  Guess that “turn off your cell phone” sign in the waiting area didn’t apply to you?  While some people could certainly benefit from a class in cell phone etiquette, mobile technology like smartphones is probably here to stay.  So, as the saying goes…if you can’t beat ‘em, then join ‘em!

Most people have their mobile phones on them at all times.  25% of Americans now access the Internet only via mobile device.  Mobile allows you to stay connected with your patients anywhere, anytime.  Aligned with these trends, the EyeXam mobile app allows users to take self-guided vision screening tests, find an eye-care practioner, exchange bi-directional messages with the practice, schedule appointments, view and “reserve” available office promotions, read the eye doctor’s Yelp reviews and connect with the office on Facebook.

Patients can also use the EyeXam app to search for eye-related terms and articles via the app’s EyeWiki, which is linked to AllAboutVision.com.  Additionally, industry leaders have partnered with EyeXam to offer consumer ads and promotions on contact lenses, eye drops and ocular vitamins.

The EyeXam app, available on Apple iOS and Android devices, is #1 in the app store when searching for keywords such as “eye exam” and was listed in the top 50 medical applications in 2012. Using the app, Practices can customize their mobile virtual profile (MVP) to include any information they wish to share or simply display their Facebook page so patients can “like” their posts, view their photos and “check-in” while at their office.

“The overwhelming interest and demand by consumers downloading the EyeXam app has opened a new avenue for eye-care practitioners to connect with new and existing patients, and for the eye care industry to reach and directly interact with a motivated target audience.  The primary purpose is to educate the public on the importance of professional eye examinations and drive more traffic patients to eye care practices” said Nikki Iravani, O.D., founder and CEO of Global EyeVentures, LLC.

About:  Steve Vargo, OD, MBA works in a group practice in Merrillville, In.  He is a frequent contributor to Review of Optometric Business, and a consultant to Global EyeVentures – developer of the EyeXam app.  He can be contacted at svargo@gmail.com.

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  1. […] EyeXam targets the increasingly mobile, on-the-go, 24/7 consumer.  As more of our patients rely on their smartphone to access information and perform daily tasks such as scheduling doctor appointments, it’s become increasingly important to implement mobile communication channels for this segment of your patient base.  Your patients and prospective patients are going mobile whether you realize it or not and this app offers them and you a convenient way to connect in this emerging mHealth world. […]