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One of our favorite features of blogging is the immediate interaction it allows with the readers. However, as we have new posts every day comments on the preceding articles  can get lost in the shuffle. We have a regular commentator, Jamie Hansel and he always makes great points and shares a lot of good experiences. In fact we published one of his commentaries as its own blog recently – Jamie Hansel Optical Rep Talks Frame Pricing.

Here are some additional comments from Jamie and Linda Chalem on the subject of ophthalmic frame pricing that are well worth a second look and a first look if you missed them! I love Jamie’s statement Know your customer. Don’t put a rubber band around their wallet!! and Linda’s analogy with spending money on booze, cigarettes, QUILTS and more….. very thought provoking!

If I can afford to do this I can afford those expensive eyeglasses!

If I can afford to do this I can afford those expensive eyeglasses!

Optical Frame Pricing – OVS Readers’ Comments:


So, I’m in a “High end” shop one day & a lady walks in & the optician greets her. She says “I’m looking for white sunglasses”. The optician says “why do you want white-that was happening last year”! (He did not have any white sunglasses on the boards). Then the lady picks a pair of sunglasses off of the boards & tries them on. They looked fabulous on her. The optician acknowledged that they looked great. Then the customer said “who are these by”? The optician told her…The customer then asked “How much are these”? the optician replied “those are EXPENSIVE”!! I could not believe it. This was Scarsdale NY…only Belaire & Beverly Hills may be more affluent. This could have been Bill Gates’ mother, visiting one of her 7 homes around the world. Bottom line-YOU have to know the crowd you are playing to. Expensive for you…may not be expensive for someone else…it is all relative to your income level & the customer’s income level. Being able to identify what someone is wearing, what brands of handbag they are carrying, what jewelry they are wearing…what is important to them is readily shown by what they are wearing in most cases. Are they wearing David Yurman jewelry? Are they wearing a Vuitton handbag or Coach? Know your customer. Don’t put a rubber band around their wallet!!

Response from Linda:

Jamie, loved your story! As we know, only a very small percentage of the population knows jewelry by its branded look. Vuitton, Prada, and Coach could be knock-offs from Canal Street in New York.
The optician COULD have said, “It’s ONLY $350 or $450 or whatever the cost is.
You are absolutely correct. Let the patient decide.
I learned, years ago, it’s not what the customer “can” afford, it’s what they WANT to afford”. People will find the money for booze, cigarettes, and the casinos.
Graphite fishing rods? $150-$800…and that’s without the reel! Quilts? Hmmm, yes, you can buy one for $1,000 or more.

Five pairs of expensive eyeglasses here!

Five pairs of expensive eyeglasses here!

Scrapbooking? Don’t even get me started. The disposable income spent on paper, memory books, tools, the luggage to cart the stuff around, week ends in hotels where purses, bras, jewelry are also sold. I call those “add ons” or impulse purchases.
I was in an office where a patient asked about AR coating plus a tint on the lenses.
The optician said, “You know that’s extra”! Huh??
Recently, a doctor asked a patient, “Are we doing a second pair for you”? Did not explain value or benefits first. What do you think the patient said? The answer: “No”.
Down the road the patient will go on vacation or will be somewhere far away and inconvenient when he/she breaks or loses the one and only pair she/he has.
The scenario: the patient is now in a crisis mode. The big box chains will capture that sale with all the add-ons that were never offered in the first place. We all know…those big box stores can cost way more than what the patient would have spent in the doctor’s office or the optical shop.
Wait! It gets worse! Survey says: The office where the patient bought the one pair will lose that patient for two years since they now will have replaced the only pair they owned.
Hello, is anybody listening???

Thank you Jamie and Linda!

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