Should You Sell on Amazon And eBay?

ebayIt’s a war out there for online shoppers. Amazon, Google’s Buy Now, Zappos, eBay, Shopperrunner, Alibaba, Shopify…. Guess who seems to be winning.. Amazon! Amazon with over 20.58 Billion (Q3) in Sales Amazon with over 270 million users and over 20 Million Prime Users. Over 10 Million NEW Prime Users in the Holidays of 2014.

Wow.. that is a lot of global customers. How many products are on Amazon and under what category? Sports and Outdoors, Health and Personal Care, Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Industrial and Scientific, women’s accessories, mens accessories. That is a lot of tags that you can market your product under.

The question really is, do you want to sell online? If so, where do you start?

First, is to get your website up to par and ready to sell products. (See example Websites Selling Online Spectacles)Choosing a Marketplace

Second choose your marketplace.

Investigate Each Market place first to see which one will be the right fit for you.

Take to the time to master one market place before you go to on to others. Ebay is different that Amazon. Amazon goal is to provide the ultimate shopper experience. As a seller they have many tools including a “Fulfillment by Amazon”, which allows you the seller to ship your products to them and let them do the shipping.

Search Results on Amazon;

  • 116,526 results for “eyeglasses”
  • 322,858 results for “eyewear”
  • 27,280 results for ‘Glasses’ Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry : Women : Accessories :
  • 323,094 results for “sunglasses”
  • 28,199 results for “spectacles”
  • 1,265,163 results for “readers”
  • 19,427 results for “eyeglass accessories”
  • 34,332 results for “contact lenses”

ebay is a huge marketplace in which you have the tools which also make it easier to feature your products. But you have to ship it yourself.

Search Results On Ebay

  • 223,998 Results for Eyeglasses
  • 132,746 Results for Eyewear
  • 612 for Sunwear
  • 687,916 for Sunglasses

Google Buy Now: As far as I can see, the biggest advantage of putting a Google Buy Now button on your website is the ranking in Search. Basically you are dealing with a third party.

Pros of Selling on Amazon & eBay

1. Increased Sales

  • The biggest advantage of selling online is their presence and the record amount of people that go there first to investigate making a purchase. If Amazon gets close to 85 million unique visitors a month…. what an opportunity it would bring. It is said that sellers have an average of 50% increase in sales when they sign up for the Amazon Marketplace.

2. New Customers

  • Someone in those 85 Million visitors will most likely buy from you.

3. Online Mall

  • Malls attract consumers and Amazon and ebay are the two top online malls. Malls bring in people. People bring in sales.

4. Move inventory

  • Have old products that are collecting dust. Why not try to move them via a trusted online resource?

Cons of Selling on Amazon & eBay

1. Pay To Play. Nothing is free in this world.

2. Obeying the Rules

  • You may not be able to sell everything you have and they have a 30 day return policy.

3. Inventory

  • You can’t sell what you don’t have.

4. Staffing

  • Someone has to run it. Do you or someone else have the time and wherewithal to start selling online.

Whether you choose to sell online via an online marketplace, the number place to start is your own website.



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