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One of the reasons I use Apple Products is the Apple Store. Since they have the highest sales per square foot, $4,798.82 of any retailer, you might wonder why? In my last couple of visits to the Fashion Valley store, they have implemented a few new things, that are hokey but make a person feel special and appreciated.


Image Credit: Business Insider, Creative Commons

1.) They have a greeter first thing in the morning while you are standing outside waiting for them to open. That greeter checks you in, makes appointments and speaks to you.

2.) The staff open doors for you and offer to carry your computer. These are a courteous touches that seem to have gone by the wayside as our society becomes more casual.

3.) Last but not least, after the staff’s morning ‘DownLoad’, they all gather at the front of the store and clap as we customers start streaming in the door. Not only are they clapping, they thank you for coming in. The first time this happened, my first thought was how hokey, but then upon examining, I felt like a queen and appreciated.

All which got me to thinking about how customers are greeted in eyecare offices. When they walk in are they immediately greeted with a smile and a thank you for coming in? Are they kept waiting at the door while you are busy doing something else? Do they feel appreciated the minute they approach your office? Conversely, does the same apply when they leave?

Making someone feel appreciated and wanted is a simple thing, yet crucial in the overall customer experience. It is the top way to exceed customer expectations and compete with online eyewear. Do you have to clap and throw confetti, of course not, but making every customer feel special is everyone’s job and can be done with a team effort and training.

Business Insider did an article on Apple Store Training. A quote from them about Apple Store Training:

‘The phrase that trainees hear time and again, which echoes once they arrive at the stores, is “enriching people’s lives.” The idea is to instill in employees the notion that they are doing something far grander than just selling or fixing products. If there is a secret to Apple’s sauce, this is it: the company ennobles employees. It understands that a lot of people will forgo money if they have a sense of higher purpose.’

Did you read that.. The idea is to instill in employees the notion that they are doing something far grander than just selling or fixing products. Are your eyecare employee’s infused with the same vision?

Part of that training is the Daily Download every morning. (See Take Five) They also have quick meetings before Shift Changes. What that means, everyone communicates and everyone is on the same tablet. Does it work… yes. The staff tends to be interesting, friendly and mainly knowledgeable. All staff, even the trainers will step in to help you. I have never heard, that is not my job, but I have had staff try to help and if they can’t they will go get someone ASAP that can.

When people ask me, why I use Apple Products and pay a premium price… it’s all in the customer service.


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