The Mystery Box Syndrome

I want to tell you a little eyewear story. Many years ago in the days of yore, I was working for Marchon and we launched Flexon. You may not believe this but it was either an easy sale or very, very hard. Many offices thought it was gimmick or a fad, they didn’t want to adjust it and couldn’t see the value. (I bet they are all selling it now!) One of my offices wouldn’t put it in. Finally, I got a 30 pieces in and they refused to sell it and wanted to return the full order. I did not want to take it back. Thinking out of the box I did something different I offered them a ‘Surprise’ if they sold them out. They did in 2 weeks. GONE.. all for a surprise. (Moral of the story: if you put it one, they will buy it)

Last year Neiman Marcus offered a similar type of Limited Edition Mystery Box for $250. (Neiman Marcus’ $250 Mystery Box Sells Out) which sold out in less than 24 hours. I keep thinking this could be some type of opportunity for eyecare professionals. Could you wrap up some ‘Mystery Boxes’ stack them and do a raffle? Could you do a do a ‘donation’ program with mystery boxes? Could you do a Facebook Contest, guess what is in the box and win. Do a daily ‘Hint’ on Facebook?

How about some synergetic energy with some of your local stores? Cross promotions, which is what Neimans did with POP Sugar.

People like surprises and they like to enter contests and they love Free Stuff . They love opening gifts. In today’s times, it can be challenging to find new and innovative ways to engage your patients. What do you think? Any other ideas?

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