Tuesday Tip Of The Day: Google Trends

One of the FREE tools we have blogged about in the past is google.com/trends. Just for fun, I plugged in eyewear to see what part of the country that consumers are searching for eyewear online for the year 2011.

Using Search for Eyeglasses

Using search for Eyewear

You can also drill it down by state. For example this is California

Google Search, Eyewear, California

So what does it mean? It means that if you are in any of the above cities, the public is plugging in those keywords into google and searching for either eyeglasses, sunglasses, eyewear, contact lens. Most likely they will be plugging in eyewear, city, state, i.e. eyewear, san diego, Ca, which is why we blog alot about local search and things like FourSquare and Location based check-ins. It also helps you compete against online sellers

You can also use google.com/insights to determine keywords that your patients are using in your area, rising trends.



Google Insights in California indicate that the trend is going up rapidly especially in Los Angeles and San Francisco for consumer using eyeglasses and glasses online.

Google Insights, California

You either want to add in a designer line or get rid of one. You can also plug in brands. This really only works for designer brands or at least in California. You can even drill it down even more by city.

Google Insights: California, Designer Eyewear Search

This does get a little addicting, but it is something we recommend you do at least several times a year just to check out trends, what is happening in your area, what keywords are being used and what keywords you need to use.

This can also be good for buying decisions on contact lenses, eyeglass accessories eye exams, eye health, nutraceuticals and any other products or services you offer.

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