Why Tracking Is Important: A Testimonial

As you know, we believe in tracking as a sound business practice. Rarely do we receive testimonials from people who have installed tracking software.

This comes to us via Dr. Bass who installed The Edge into his practice:

After installation of The EDGE in my practice six months ago, I have been able to pull data in a matter of just a few minutes per month, allowing me to see where I need to focus more profit building strategies.  The EDGE showed me where I have been doing well, such as eye examinations and eyeglass lens sales.  It has also pointed out my deficiency in frame sales and where I am actually losing dollars.  I have been able to see which patients did not use their managed care benefit for a frame, therefore prompting some questions for my optical team.  These questions open a discussion for different and creative ways to ensure the utilization of the managed care frame benefit.  The EDGE also helped me to recognize how new frame board management strategies could be beneficial in increasing sales within my optical.

Since the implementation of The EDGE, I have been able to drill down quickly and easily into many aspects of my business, ensuring that I will be able to stay on top of not only the clinic side, but the optical side as well.  There are many things that have been brought to my attention with The EDGE and I am looking forward to implementing new strategies moving forward.’

Kudos to GPN and The Edge Team!

Robert L. Bass, OD, FAAO

To see more about Retail tracking visit the Edge ..

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