eye Blogging Sets You Apart From The Competition 


It has been awhile since we wrote about eye blogging and the reason I am bringing this up- it seems that people are saying blogging is dead. Just to let you know blogging is not dead, in fact most sites have gone to a blog format and you don’t even know about it. Why I am bringing this up now, it just came to my attention through our google alerts another online eyewear company AC Lens, that has a blog  All that brings to mind is the advantages of blogging and why an eyecare retailer should add a blog to their website or change their website to a blog.

This is what a blog does for you:

1.) Easily updated, you can showcase new products

2.) Lends a personal touch and builds relationships.

3.) Can utilize SEO to get found on search engines.

4.) Can build links that help you get found on search engines

5.) Posting on blogs easily feeds into Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms

6.) Put up lots of pics that can be shared with others

7.) Add a shopping cart to sell on line

8.) Use in your newsletter, patients can subscriber for free.

9.) Blogs can be used to garner information about your patients and future patients. They can make a comment, ask a question and your response back shows you are an expert.

If you look at AC Lens blog, they talk about all their products, Frames, nutraceuticals, even computer eye strain, they also blog about their give back efforts, World Site Day, contests and promotions. In fact, they have quite a bit of information on their site, which is probably why people order from them.

If you feel that online competition is getting to you and you are losing sales, consider a putting a blog on your site. It is free, it is fun and can help you in search engines. I would advise you spend sometime, plugging keywords into your search engines and note how many eyecare professionals have a blog and how many online retailers are blogging.

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