Eyecare YouTube Videos We Like- Hoff Optometry

We have done a few posts on websites we like and now we are reviewing Eyecare YouTube videos we like. The majority of the Optical YouTube eyecare videos are quite frankly pretty boring. We like Hoff Optometry for several reasons;

1.) Dr Hoff is the speaker and tells a little about why he opened in that location and a historical background on the building.

2.) Showing the grand opening, with customer testimonials

3.) Talks about the products and ‘bring interesting and cool stuff’

4.) Says he loves the people.

5.) It’s short but get the point across.

Eye Bogglers

  • YouTube views per day- 2 Billion
  • Average Person spends 15 minutes per day on YouTube
  • 70% of YouTube comes from outside of the USA
  • YouTube will help your website be found on the Internet


YouTube Stats

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