Unique Eyecare Website- Eye Want Eyewear

As we continue to eye surf the Internet, we are constantly on the lookout for unique eyecare websites or blogs, to help give you ideas for your website/blog. We ran across www.eyewanteyewear.com a very uncommon website for eyecare professionals.

I Want Eyewear


What we like:

  1. The home page has cartoon appearance, appealing to the GenY’s and anyone that is looking for distinct products and or services. Even though they do not list their products, I get the feeling that it’s products I wouldn’t find everyplace
  2. The look of the site makes me want to go there, because I would find products that would make me look and feel younger, be trendier and more up to date.
  3. The site is easy to navigate: not a lot of clicking going on!
  4. Home page shows everything they offer, simple and easy to use.
  5. They offer Tattooing, a very different concept in optical retailing. But if I was a parent and was allowing my child to get tattoed, why not go to the doctor instead of the tattoo parlor down the street?
  6. The About page: Says it all: Don’t come here if you want the run of the mill stuff and don’t let your insurance pick out your eyeglasses for you. ‘Eye Want’s uncompromising vision has been dominating the Chicago vision scene for a decade. Founded on the principle that there is no substitute for fine eyewear and no reason for you to settle for the sorry, boring eyewear that you find in the look-alike chain stores and insurance-house optical dispensaries. You wouldn’t wear clothes that an insurance salesman picked out for you: so why debase yourself with the eyewear he picked out for you? If you want FINE EYEWEAR, Eye Want is for you.

It’s an unusual non-boring site, that if I lived in Chicago, I would go visit.

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