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Dan Feldman wrote about Pinterest several weeks ago and now Pinterest seems to be the hot new topic for Social Media. Meanwhile, while at SECO, when questioned, many of the attendees at some of my classes were already involved in Pinterest. I wish I knew who all they were, I would have followed them!

Shows Vision Therapy and Eye Health

Pinterest has about 3.3 million users, not a large market, but growing rapidly. All sorts of people are there from COVD, eye doctors, 20/20 magazine, Fast Grind International..

I think the biggest advantage that Pinterest offers, is the ability to have a little fun with your brand message. While you are pinning fun stuff, you are  building a relationship with your followers. You don’t only have to Pin about your office, you can pin about quotes, books, places to visit, design, recipes (big) DIY (Big) fashion (big)  whatever catches your eye. The best part is it easy, the worst part it is addicting. I feel like a voyeur sometimes, looking into a persons likes and pins.

Good people to follow would be your suppliers: Zyloware, ClearVision, LaFont, Velvet Eyewear, Midwest Lens, Crizal, Concept Eyewear, FCI Ophthalmics, Marco,  Plus, Amy Speizo, James Spina from Trade Press, Elizabeth Taylor (SECO) and various reps from companies, plus a number of opticians working for eyecare offices.

We follow several people, who someday I would like to meet: Trudi Charest and Meet Eyewear. Fiona from Meet Eyewear (Singapore) is a Facebook Friend and Like and mutual Twitter Follower. They are big in sustainable packaging, while I follow all their boards, I love the packaging boards bests.

Trudi Charest is a recruiter at out of Canada. She doesn’t talk about recruiting on Pinterest, but instead here boards are set up as themes from eyewear clothes, to social media.

Another advantage, is you don’t have to follow everything, you can pick and choose ‘boards’ that interest you. That way you are not inundated with tons of junk you could careless about.

The first thing that always comes up is the time and resource element. To set up a Pinterest account, takes about 5-10 minutes. It says you have to be asked, or you can email them to send you an invite. We didn’t have them go through our address book, as we started experimenting and didn’t know whether or not we really wanted to spend the time or energy. I think you will find spending 5-10 minutes/day, pinning and repinning will help you build up some LIKES and Repins.

What we did is plug into search optician, optometrist, eyecare to see what comes up to find some people to follow. Search is not great, but if you want to find other optical companies, please feel free to check who we follow, as we are trying to follow anyone involved in the optical industry.

Writer, Rep and Facebook Friend

Once you post it on your Facebook page, you like, Nate will find patients you can follow

What to pin. I can’t speak for others, for us personally, we decided to do different themes, we have 67 + boards now, (and have probably over-pinned). We wanted to do something fun;

We wanted to do something with color

We wanted to do something that was a hot trend, such as Vintage Eyewear

You can also track how many people are following your boards.This changes daily!

You also get notifications Like this, which you can turn off.

Resources is always part of the equation, who is going to do this and when? I always believe that the person you assign to do your social media should 1.) want to do it 2.) understands the brand message you want to get across 3.) can be trusted. The same goes with pinning. If you make a plan, on your boards and whomever you chose to do the boards can follow the plan.

Jason Smith, Facebook Friend, optical professional and photograher

Pinterest has become important to us and driving traffic to both our blogs. Link building is crucial to becoming found on google and other search engines. We decided we needed quality links and not to offend anyone, but I don’t think the optical industry has fully grasped how much they need links, so we decided to build our own.

The Topic has come up, is how to use Pinterest for business. While this is certainly new, there are many sources out there to use Pinterest for Business, with all sorts of advice from spending the time, keeping it simple, having themes and  Pinterest contests. What we thought we would do is list resources below for your bookmarking pleasure and we can all learn together on how to use Pinterest for Business


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  1. Hey Cathy…thanks so much for the mention on your blog today! As you can tell, JOBS 4 ECP’s is just a bit addicted to Pinterest. It is fun, new and modern but it also has some great business benefits. Eyecare businesses just have to get creative on how they can attract their customers with Pinterest. Thanks again…PS…we love your Pinboards too!