Using YouTube To Build Your Brand

Many eyecare offices and their vendors have a YouTube channel. While we all watch, many of us (including me) are challenged with getting fresh content, interesting subject matter that will get shared, building a brand message and maybe a fun ‘ Harlem Shake” type of challenge. Personally speaking, unless you a are a budding videographer, or a great ad-libber, YouTube Video can be time consuming and costly.

When we received the new Zyloware ‘We are Zyloware‘ video, I thought, what a great idea. Here is 90 year old, family owned, optical company that continually strives to build their brand and humanize their relationship with their customers. In keeping with the family concept this video looks ‘family made’, meaning it doesn’t look staged yet is very personal and professional.

It starts out We are Zyloware, but what I love is the individual personal information which makes you feel a part of their family. The video features a few of their employees, a brief introduction as to what they do, something personal about them, something inspirational, a quote and a bit of humor. It is a different take on on most eyecare companies. I loved it and because of this video, I would love to meet to meet them the whole Zyloware family.

Just a thought,  I think this is nice personal touch for any business, especially eyecare professionals.

Eye Bogglers: (Source and more stats) 

  • Over 1 Billion People Use YouTube
  • 6 Billion Hours of Video are watched per month on YouTube
  • 14.4 % of American watch YouTube at Work
  • 27% increase in YouTube app downloads last year.
  • $5.6 Billion spent on Advertising on YouTube in 2014)

Resources: Since we are not an expert in this, check out some expert sources!



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