2013 Consumer Trends And Effective on Eyecare

Every year we utilize TrendHunters Trends and apply it to the optical industry and eyecare.  The Trend Countdown for 2013 encompasses many of the 2012 Trends.

20. Vending 3.0 more interactive and creative– One of our top requests from consumers is where to get eyeglass vending machines. Japanese eyewear retailer, JINS has taken this step further by installing over 50 Eyewear Vending Machines. The Monocle Order has just gotten into Vending Machines.  Vending machines are becoming increasing interactive and a growing business. Competition will ramp up for such items as sunglasses, contact lenses, eyewear accessories, lens cleaners and more.


 19.)  Upgraded ordinary – The days are gone, that a frame is just a frame.. Over the last year, we have seen ‘beer openers‘ in eyewear, eyewear emitting perfume., to eyewear that adjusts to your earbuds and eyewear accessories that act as a camera. and accessories will increasing become dual functional.

Look for products that are ‘out of the ordinary’, such as eyewear accessories that double as purses, laptop holders, eyewear chains that are both necklaces and eyeglass holders.

18.) Dystopia fascinations– Pop culture utopia- Aren’t we all looking for utopia?

17.) Millenial Madness– It is all about the boomers, how to capture their attention, engage them through mobile marketing. Have your own app? Get involved with the app-titude culture to appeal to the mobile friendly GenY. Mobile consumers, will increasing shop online (check prices) get their eyes examined on line. For a list of APPs.

16. ) Modular retail. Last year the trend was pop up shops which have now become mainstream. Using materials such as shipping containers, cardboard these modular retail are mobile friendly and include such online retailers as Warby Parker.  What does that mean to a brick and mortar.. in the old days.. you picked a space, built it out.. today.. you can set up a 1 week to 1 year retail space using such cost effective materials, an old school bus, pallets, shipping containers all lead to a different type of retail experience. Think a pop up at the beach or the mountains for a season. See post Optical Pop Up Stores.


15.) Imposed interaction– interactive hot spots- Last year you saw the same thing.. People getting together in spots where they can collaborate on various projects. Think Meet-Ups in your office, special meetings with various types of groups, special events, have a Lego eyewear Party, Crazy Crochet Party.

14.) Shoptimization– Interactive retail is retail is rewarding. This trend is growing (see last year) From Augmented Reality, to QR codes, Foursquare to name a few. Think about what you can do to make your office more interactive.. Try- On Technology is a good start, stocking some technology eyeglasses for try-on effects..

13. Sustain- citecture– Reducing your carbon footprint is increasingly more important. Not only should you be stocking Eco Friendly products, but consider adding in sustainable plants or even growing your own food indoors. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse mantra is getting stronger.



12.) Deliberate Vintage- Recreating the past coming back.. you think Retro is over.. it is not.. everything is coming back.. nostaliga is hot. Consider this for advertising, Facebook contests where your patients send in old pictures with old frames.. have 60’s and 70’s event or Trunk Show..

11.) Immersive branding- Engaging consumers in real life- You have all probably seen Flash Mobs, you have partaken of the freebie food samples in stores, had a free beauty make-over.. it’s all about engaging consumers. Think about your branding, consider having ‘branding’ trunk shows 

10.) Wearable Multitasking– Wearable technology is set to hit 16 billion over the next few years. Look for products again that have dual functionality.Google Glass is about to go public and they are not the only one. See our Pinterest Board- Eyewear Technology.

9.) Subscription World– subscribe to clothing food,, and eyewear. Several companies have been doing this for years, Rent a Sunglass (Stunner of the Month Club)  FreShades (monthly subscription)Just Fab. See Post Sunglass Parties and Sunglass Rentals 

8.)Physical Virtual -Augmented Reality is here to stay. Sunglass Hut and a myriad of other brick and mortar stores are using Augmented Reality to encourage sales and consumer interaction. Check out Augmented Reality Planet to see how it’s done.

7.) Benefit Branding– Socially and environment conscious companies are giving back. Whether it is a company like MODO who plants a tree, a company like WileyX, ClearVision, Bebe, J.F. Rey with Breast Cancer eyewear. It is all about social good. You can see more social good on our Pinterest Board. Think adding in cause related products (setting them aside separately) getting involved in a cause. A list of  Eyecare Charitable Events.

6.)Nostalgic escapes – I guess we are all going back to Disneyland again! 

5. Crossover Cuisine- East meets west.. through food and fashion.

4.) Fashionishing – Items going fashionable and out of the ordinary. Collaborations abound, from Mosley Tribes Moet Chandon Champagne Eyeglasses, to Beer Goggles, companies in collaborative manner are putting their name on Fashion Items. In Eyecare look for limited edition products.


3.) Shoppertainment– The Retail Experience is all about entertainment.  As e-tailing becomes more popular.. as a method to get the consumer to the stores, entertainment is becoming more common. Grabbing the attention of shoppers, malls are having Flash Mobs, interactive kiosks, musical events and more. Think again events such as speakers, trunk shows, games Wii parties and more.

2.) Industrial Retail- Less is more approach as to visual merchandising. Think de-cluttering and clean lines

1.) Manufactured Addiction– Daily Deals, Rewards.. all at the click of your eye-phone…

What does this all mean? Bottom Line the future is in mobile and entertainment technology. Online shopping will continue to grow as smart phones and technology grow.  Learn to engage your customers/boomers, with events, deals. Consider getting into Wearable technology as an important new market. Want to open a 2nd location.. consider POP up stores or Sunglass stores to check out the market first..

Remember it is a new form of customer service.. Engagement and Entertainment..

More Tech Trends- Which is very interesting from Mashable.

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