Vision Care Trends – Good News Bad News – Consumer Motivation is Key

The Vision Council’s third quarter 2012 Vision Care Products & Services Trend market research reports have just been released. The good news is that the Vision Watch report shows a continued growth trend for retail optical, especially independents. Total retail sales were up 6%  year over year for the 12 months ended December 2012. The biggest growth was from lenses which were up 10.8%. We believe a lot of this growth is due to improved progressive sales and upgraded design options.

That’s the good news!

The bad news to me is that  many people who need vision correction are not getting it with some of the reasons given as follows:

  • Haven’t gotten around to it yet – 36.3%
  • Don’t like the idea of wearing glasses – 17.8%
  • My eyes aren’t too bad yet – 35.8%
  • I think using glasses would make my eyes worse –  5.9%
  • I think it will cost too much – 34.3%

These reasons are good food for thought and say to me that we have to find ways to motivate these people that need vision correction to care about getting it. Quite a challenge but if we make eyewear interesting and exciting to these consumers and less like an ordeal  they will be more motivated. Our blog has a great library of Merchandising ideas, Marketing retail strategies etc. so we hope you find them helpful getting that eyewear consumer who needs vision correction but “hasn’t got around to it yet” more motivated!

The annual VisionWatch sample size is approximately 110,000 American adult respondents. For more information please contact Steve Kodey,

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