Optical Patient Testimonials – Run Over By a Pickup Truck and Lived to Tell

Testimonials are great marketing tools and it is a good idea to have optical patient testimonials from your own optical practice. You can also  supplement these with real testimonials from your optical vendors particularly when you are talking to your optical patients about different lens materials and lens treatments.

One of my favorite lens materials is Trivex as it combines so many different benefits. I looked onthe PPG Trivex website and found testimonials. I particularly like the one below:

Photo by Taylour Stephens

Run Over By a Pickup Truck and Lived to Tell

“When our office manager got her glasses made with Trivex material – her first drill mount – they were so light she forgot she had them on. One night on the way home from her son’s graduation she put them on her lap and took a nap and when she awoke she got out of the truck and went into the house. The next day she found her glasses on the driveway. They had been run over by the truck when her husband left for work. The frames were completely flattened and the screw that attaches the temple to one of the lenses was broken off. Other than a few marks from the black top the lenses were intact. Instead of putting the lenses in new frames we kept the glasses as they were found to show our patients how durable lenses made with Trivex material are.”

“Trivex material seems to take the prescription better than polycarbonate when we are surfacing it. It’s so much nicer to drill. The patients are very pleased with the vision because they don’t have the distortion that you sometime have with polycarbonate.”

— Judy Gyton, lab manager, Gardner Optical, Franklin, Pennsylvania

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