Put Your Optical Business on “Hold”

We are all thinking about cost effective  marketing more than ever and we usually think about web sites, social networking etc. and forget about the obvious one – the telephone system! Put your optical business on “hold” the right way so it can help your sales rather than hurt them.  Hersey Productions Inc., an audio production studio produce custom on-hold messages as well as full radio campaigns. They suggest the time customers are on hold can be used to promote optical products, provide eye care information and keep them captivated. Lori Hersey says “Always choose a recorded message instead of the local radio station for your on-hold filler. Other than the cost of the playback equipment and production, it’s free and targeted marketing time for your optical  business. And when you play the local radio station you run the risk of an ad for a competitive business being played right on your phone to your customers.”


The Herseys offer these tips for on-hold content:

  • Anticipate what information callers need. Note frequently asked questions and include the answer in your message – e.g. office hours and location. More than one location? Mention all.
  • Announce your Web site address and fax number and whether you can book appointments for example. Customers can use those alternatives rather than waiting on the phone.
  • Mention special offers or promotions and remind callers to inquire about them when their call is taken.
  • Update your message for holidays. Mention holiday hours or if you will be closed on certain days.
  • If possible, add comedy to your message. People tend to remember it, and chances are will pass along the humor and most likely your business name.
  • Freshen up the message every six to eight weeks. This is your free and instantaneous chance to get your information out to the public.
  • If you are not the creative type, you can always hire a production company to create an on-hold message for you.

Source: The Costco Connection May, 2009

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  1. “Calls on hold” equipment can be purchased for a couple of hundred bucks. If you can’t do the announcement yourself contact a local college radio station. You can help a college kid out with a little experience and a few bucks.