Blind Surfing Event

Nearly 60 blind and visually impaired children and adults from all over California attended the Encinitas Lions Club 15th annual Blind Surfing Event last Sunday, September 19, 2010. The San Diego Surfing Academy and Swami’s Surfing Association offered professional surfing instruction, and members of the Lions Club provided lunch and support.

This picture was taken by Hayne Palmour IV of is of Pat Weber, founder of the San Diego Surf Academy, guiding 11 year old Jason who has been visually impaired since birth. I can tell you that water is cold, but it did not seem to phase Jason, he is obviously having a lot of fun. What a great event and kudos to the organizers for making it happen.

Organizer and Encinitas resident Bob Mangini said the Lions Club extended invitations to organizations for the blind and visually impaired throughout Southern California.

Source: NCTimes 9/20/10

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