Positive Impact VS Sustainability

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Tanzania. Thanks to my husband Ron in giving up 90% of his luggage allowance we were able to take sunglasses, readers and baby clothes with us. Here we are at Little Olivers with Asilia’s Positive Impact coordinator for distribution to remote villages.


Donating Baby Clothes, Wiley X, Ron’s Optical and Hilco eyeglasses at Little Olivers, Tanzania

Positive Impact VS Sustainability:

Most people are acquainted with the term ‘sustainability’. Sustainability implies equilibrium; a sense of what you put in equals what you get out. If you maintain this fine balance then your business should exist indefinitely. Positive impact, on the other hand, accentuates the favorable effects of the company’s business on the country in which it operates. A business is net positive impact when it gives back more than it takes.

Most rural communities living on the outskirts of the wild areas where Asilia operates don’t see a direct benefit from tourism. The park fees that tourism generates go into central coffers and are disbursed from there. Rural villagers, who are mostly agriculturalists and pastoralists, look at the wildlife areas and wonder what’s in it for them.  Direct benefits to rural communities from tourism are therefore an important ingredient in securing these areas’ futures.

Asilia looks  at what it will take to ensure the long-term survival of these areas and has identified two key areas of intervention: conservation and education. Education is important to Asilia’s conservation ethos as it’s essential in lifting people out of poverty (a major driver in poaching and habitat destruction).

In the education sphere Asilia supports primary and secondary schooling infrastructure, sometimes a teacher salary where there is a shortage of teachers, as well as offering tertiary scholarships to students wishing to enter the tourism industry.

Thanks to Wiley X, Hilco and Ron’s Optical and Kate’s Clothing for their donations.

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