Visions of Africa

Visions of Africa - Donations from Wiley X and Ron's Optical

Visions of Africa – Donations from Wiley X and Ron’s Optical

I was lucky enough to go on an African Safari in 2011 and loved it so much I am going back this August. I am taking extra supplies with me this time, courtesy of Wiley X, Ron’s Optical and Hilco.

Each company has donated eyewear for distribution to people in Tanzania. This African nation consists of over 45 million people from at least 120 tribes and is an African success story as its many different tribes and cultures have developed a harmonious and hospitable way of life.

However, the vast majority of Tanzanians live rurally as subsistence farmers, fisherfolk or livestock herders, and poverty is manifest. Some readers and sunglasses will be much appreciated and will be received by a representative who will make sure they provide vision improvement and protection for a few of the local people. I will be taking lots of pictures as I look forward to meeting people as well on this trip.

The lesson here is if you are going on a trip to a country where your skills and products could be in demand, consider cleaning out your stock to give back, contact your local vendors to see if they have any products they would like to contribute.

In this case, I thank you to our wonderful sponsors for being so generous and helping others less fortunate to see.

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