25 Eclectic Eyelashes Innovations + Eyelash Eyewear

Why do men seem to get the best eyelashes? We women spend a fortune for long, lush eyelashes. Eyecare Providers can capitalize on our vanity with products such as Cilea a non- prescription eyelash growth stimulator.

Just for fun, check out some of these Wild Eyelashes!

Watermelon Eyelashes by NYS Special Effects

Feathered Eyelashes by Shu Uemura


Beaded Eyelash Jewelry By www.beadinggem.com

Anime Inspiration

Fly Lashes

Paper Clip Eyelashes


Overdosing on Latisse Eyelashes

Neon Inspired Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes

MonoLash: ifitshipitshere.blogspot


Disco Ball Eyelashes www.beadinggem.com

Animal Ispirated Paper Eyelashes



Blood Red with Sparkle


Not quite Sure? www.smosh.com

Go Green

At least there is no harmful ingredients

Lace Lashes

UV Lashes



Flower Power Eyelashes

Even Carlashes

Decorating Eyelashes is not a new thing


Let us now forget About Eyelashes On Eyewear

Vintage Elsa Schiaparelli Feathered Eyelash Eyewear


Circa 1980

Eyelash Eyewear

Suntanning Eyewear With gold lashes



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  1. Now know where Lady Gaga gets her inspiration! Very cool pix.