Celebrating Jeopardy (March 30, 1964) With eyePardy

Which eye did Festus (Gunsmoke) squint?

Jeopardy was launched on TV March 30, 1964. In celebration, we are launching eyePardy- Eyeball, optical and eyecare trivia.   Who can answer all 10 of these questions? No Googling! Let us know how you did. Answers to be given on Monday.

  1. Which president lost his eye while still in office?
  2. Who coined the word eyeball?
  3. What is the average weight of the human eye?
  4. What ‘being’ has the largest eye?
  5. How many times per second does your eyeball move?
  6. Who had a major hit in 1981 with the song ‘Private Eyes’?
  7. Who sang the song ‘Lying Eyes’?
  8. What famous emperor is said to have worn Emerald Lenses?
  9. In “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”, what got impaled in the wooden eye of one of the pirates?
  10. What percentage of the brain is used to control the eyes?

Submitted by guest blogger, Rebecca Johnson, Founder of EyeTrain4You, an ophthalmic staff training and development company.  Contact her at Rebecca@EyeTrain4You.com


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