Eye Can’t Believe It – Dog Eats Eyeglasses

funny-dog-pictures-guilty-plant-destroyerYum Yum! Those eyeglasses were particularly delicious.

I found this picture surfing the Internet today and among a long list of missing items from this dog’s adventure is a missing pair of eyeglasses, the lenses were never found!

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  1. Re: Dog Eats Eyeglasses.

    We’d gone to the optical conference in Anaheim in the mid 90’s and extended our stay to include a visit to good friends in Phoenix. A few cocktails, dinner and the hot tub. ‘Cuz of the steam, took off my spex and laid them by the side of the tub. Oh, more cocktails. Some time later, I looked for my spex in order to view the magnificent star filled sky. And, I looked. And looked. After being accused of excess imbibing, the hostess went inside for a flashlight.

    On the way back, she exclaimed, “OUCH! Jim, I think I just stepped on your glasses.” Their dog had enjoyed a snack thoroughly destroying my glasses. Now, as a minus 3.50, I had trouble seeing the hood ornament let alone the road w/o my spex. Oh, we were scheduled to go to the Grand Canyon the next day.

    We called a friend who had a lab the next morning…who naturally was located on the other side of town…and went over where he fitted me with a pair of SV, tho I was also a +2.00, that allowed me to continue our vacation to the Grand Canyon.

    Our new puppy has also feasted on 2 pair of spex. Not uncommon as I understand that they LOVE zyl frames.