Eye Can’t Believe It’s True: 11 Oddball Optical Stories From 2015

This is our first oddball news edition ever. There was lots of weird and unusual news in 2015. We have probably missed a lot of stories,  If you know more news of the wierd please feel free share and or link in the comments below.


RandBans Banned by RayBan

Seriously? Are people that Crazy? 

  • North Carolina: Woman Pours Drain Cleaner In Her Eyes: For most people, going blind is their worst nightmare, but for this North Carolina woman it was a dream come true. Jewel Shuping, 30, was so desperate to be blind that she poured draining cleaner in her eyes (SourceNY)
  • Brooklyn, New York, a man was rushed to hospital after having his eye tattooed black, suffering complications from the procedure in his right eye. (Mirror) and in another post 18 Shocking Eyeball Tattoos 
  • Lukewarm watering Honey  to change Eye colors?

The Big Eyeball For Erections Hoax (This story is NOT True, but went Viral) (Source)

  • Roy Tilbott, 51, stepped out of his El Camino for a field sobriety test and Casper police noticed several eyeballs slide from his right pant leg onto the road. Tilbott assured police the eyeballs were not human, but instead cow eyeballs he had pilfered from Johnson Meats (a slaughterhouse) A total of 30 were found. I put them in soups,” Tilbott said in the police report. “They’re beneficial for erectile dysfunction, which I currently battle, (Source)

Lukewarm water

Serious About Sunglasses

  • Fort Worth (CBS 11 NEWS) – Relatives, friends, and residents are devastated after a man is gunned down in Fort Worth’s Highland Hills neighborhood. Resident Kathy Jones said, “I think it was a very ruthless death. It was very much unnecessary.” Unnecessary, she and others at the scene said, because they hear the deadly shooting began over a pair of sunglasses. (Source)
  • Muskogee Muskogee Suspect arrested in Muskogee shooting over sunglasses (Fox News)
  • Benjamin Flayton told Portland police he walked into a Sunglass Hut at the Lloyd Center Mall on May 13, told an employee, “I’m sorry dude, I need these,” and walked away with $1,875 in sunglasses. The 25-year-old claimed he swiped sunglasses from the same store at least four times, including twice on Wednesday, when he was arrested, according to a probable cause affidavit. He is accused of stealing at least $5,125 in eyewear. (Source)
  • Buena Park delivery driver gets 3 years in prison for stealing Oakley sunglasses meant for US soldiers – The Orange County Register (Source)
  • Rand Paul stops selling $150 ‘Rand-Ban’ sunglasses after Ray-Ban throws shade ( Mashable)

Can You Spell?  Warning give out spelling test before hiring.

Image Credit unknown

Image Credit unknown

It’s the Law 

  • Adult film industry set to fight California regulations on condoms, eyewear on sets.  A San Fernando Valley based trade organization that represents the adult film industry plans to continue to fight against California safety standards that mandate condoms and eyewear for actors on all porn sets next year. (Daily News)

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