Five Fun Eye Facts For National Trivia Day

National Trivia Day is January 4.  So where did the word trivia come from? The word “trivia” is plural for the word “trivium”. Long ago trivia meant something new but today Trivia means bits of knowledge that are little known

There is a huge amount of #funfact, #EyeFacts, #EyeballTrivia floating around on Social Media, we pulled together a few to share for National Trivia Day. You can find more on our Pinterest Boards: Trivia and Animal Eyes

This is what the Egyptian saw: The Eye of Horus:

Eye Didn’t know this: You are completely blind for about 40 minutes a day!


Fun Eye Fact, Brown Eyes are actually Blue!


Fun Braille Fact a 13 year made a Braille Printer out of Legos!


Fun Eyeball Fact: Green eyes make up only 1-2% of the entire population.


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